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Apr 7, 2002 08:38 PM

hotel/good lunches/tours

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I'm taking my two teenagers (16,19) to New Orleans the end of May, and have reserved rooms at the Bienville House. What kind of reputation does it have (is it clean, a bit upscale, friendly, good service? Do you recommend a different hotel in the FQ?) and where are some reasonably priced lunch spots that serve more than just fried food i.e. good grilled chicken, sandwiches, etc.? What, in your opinion, is the best tour service for swamp, cemetary, etc? Thanks, folks!

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    Isabella Maja

    Best and reasonable are relative words. I would love to help, but I am not sure what you mean by reasonable (it differs widely for all of us!) and just what are you looking for as far as tours go? I don't have kids, so I realize my answer to you now, could be way off from what you are looking for. Let us know & we will be glad to help.

    All the best,

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      First, I'd like to know if anyone has stayd at the Bienville House Hotel, and if they were happy with their stay. What did they like about it? What could have been improved? Next, I'd like to take a swamp tour, or swamp/cemetary/plantation tour, and want to know from those who have taken them...who was the tour with, and would you recommend them to others? By now, I have a good list of restaurants, so am ready to chow down when I arrive in May. Thanks!