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Apr 5, 2002 11:00 AM

Freezing Boudin ....and questions about boudin rouge...

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Since you guys are the experts...tell does Boudin freeze ? Does it hold it's flavor ????

Hazelhurst, SHelby : What do you think of red boudin ???
Do you like it better ???

SHould I take a chance on getting some considering the possibility of bacteria ?? Is it worth the risk ?
Actually.... is there a risk ?

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  1. I once froze about 10 pounds of Best Stop Boudain and brought it back home to California.
    The transport was accomplished with a simple K-Mart insulated carrier.
    It made a lot of people happy...and would do it again.

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    1. re: Marion

      Thanks, that's good to know......guess I'll be heading to KMart tomorrow.

      1. re: Evangeline

        Sure--go ahead and freeze it (white boudin). For teh red boudin, make sure you have it on ice from the moment of purchase. This is just common sense, like not leaving raw kibbeh out on the counter overnight. I love red boudin but it never gets back to the house--I eat it on the way home.. I have never frozen red boudin but you can ask the guys at Babineau's if it will work. I don't see that it would not be OK, though. Tripe & sweetbreads freeze fine.......