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Apr 4, 2002 05:38 PM

Just got back fom NORCO.....

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Yes..... I found that grocery store. Unfortunately I missed the hot lunch items and there were none in the cooler case. In fact...there was NOTHING in the cooler case but items like potato salad and such.
One item they did have was a whole smoked chicken.
It was $4.99 so I bought one. That is one thing I have not seen in other markets.
I tasted it and it's wonderful.
Too bad I missed lunch.
Next time I'm out that way I'll be sure I get there in time.
Nazarac...thanks for the tip. I'm glad I went.
Now....can't wait to find the time to get out to the Best Stop.

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  1. Here's a hint----arrive at The Best Stop along about 11:30 AM--even before that time if possible. At noontime the place is packed with folks buying lunch packs. Or, you could show up at 3:00 PM .....if you want to buy the exotic items we've mentioned here ("chaudin" a/k/a "ponce) I recommend that you call them to ensure that the item is 'on hand' If you want "green ponce" (i.e 'chaudin') you should call them in advance to be sure you have one reserved. should se a "ponce" sewe up, "comme il faut."

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    1. re: Hazelhurst

      Thanks so much for your help......I will INDEED make sure we get there before 11:30.
      Tell me what do the ponce and green ponce taste like ???

      1. re: Evangeline

        As I suggested earlier, ponce ("chaudin" at TBS) is just a huge sausage. Cook some rice to soak up the gravy. It is a very rich dish with lots of offal included---this is a "use-it-up" sort of thing. Dupre used to have the best one but he is out of business. His cousin makes it up at the gas station in Ville Platte but I've not had it. Ortego, on Railroad Ave in Ville Platte, has an excellent ponce. Green ponce is more malleable--smoking it toughens the outside.

        If you want more expert advice, ask John Fontenot or Dorris at 209 Bourbon Street in New Orleans. They know the whole deal.

        1. re: Hazelhurst

 seem to have the answers.
          Next time I am down on Burbon St....I'll go find John or Dorris and put the questions on them.

          Meanwhile.....I'll stick with the boudin.
          I can see TBS becomming a regular trip.
          I will just MAKE the time to go there.
          Thanks SO MUCH for your tips....they have made my move down here even better.
          By the YOU eat the casing when you eat boudin??

          1. re: Evangeline

            If it is real casing, yes, I eat it. If it is not, you just can't eat it.

            1. re: Hazelhurst

              Yes.... I meant if the casing was real.
              Do you know if the casing at TBS is real ??
              If not I must remember to ask.

    2. I got a charge out of the posts about Boudin at the Best Stop. I'm from Calif - SF Bay Area. About 4 years ago I made it a point to take a few days out of my New Orleans trip to visit Lafayette, Eunice and "Big" Mamou. Naturally I took in the tourists spots like Vermillionvile - an old Cajun Man drew me a map of a place where I could get the best Boudin - right off I10 - sure enough the "Best Stop".
      I still have the map he scribbled on the back of a receipt. In fact I showed it to a guy at work who happened to be from Lafayette and he knew exactly where it was - it's a small Chowhound World!

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      1. re: Steve N

        This is very funny...thanks for the chuckle. is a small choundhound world.
        I am SOOOOO glad I live down here now !
        Ater sooooo many years of wishing I had better food to's GREAT to be home.

        I lived in SF for a while.
        Nice place....but nothing really out of the ordinary to eat.
        Good food....but for me noting beats the creative cooking of this region.....
        That said........Now I think I'm gonna go head up the street for some hot boiled crawfish for lunch.

      2. Next time you might want to drive just a little bit farther up the highway to LaPlace, and stop at Jacob's for great andouille, tasso (both pork and turkey), smoked sausages, bacon, and the like. I don't know if they make boudin, but they do have the whole smoked chickens, and they sell great pork cracklins. There is also another store almost next door that sells similar products. Both are good but I have come to prefer Jacob's, and I make periodic trips to stock up. The stores are on Airline Highway on the south side of town.

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        1. re: Sarah C

          Good advice re" Jacob's. I neglected to mention that one. A friend uses jacob's over Best Stop but he admits it is a close call

          Come ot think of it, I have not been there in awhile---I wonder if there is gas in the car?

          1. re: Hazelhurst

            Now the question is DOES Jacob's make boudin ?

            1. re: Evangeline

              Here's a phone number; you can call and ask them.

              (985) 652-9990

              1. re: Sarah Cory

                WOW...thanks !
                I'll call them ASAP......
                I appreciate it...thanks again.