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Apr 4, 2002 09:14 AM

upcoming trip

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We've visited NO a dozen or so times and will be back in July for a splurge weekend. Reading the posts isn't making it any easier to decide on where to eat, because it all sounds so good. How about Brigtsen's, Irene's and Peristyle, all for dinners?

Do a lot of restaurants close for vacation in July? I remember Mosca's used to close in July.

Also, does anyone have an opinion on the Chateau Sonesta as a place to stay?

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  1. is a great location. Off the beaten path for peace and quiet but close enought to the beaten path for safety. I've heard the accomodations are fine.

    Your dinner thoughts are good. Personally not a fan of Peristyle but I'm in the minority I know. Irene's is a wait and I just don't think you need to put up with that in our great city of food, but sometimes when Italian in on the tastebud one has to do it. I'd substitute those two with Bayona and Galatoire's.

    1. I know from experience that Uglesich and Casamento's are both closed in July. Only problem with Irene's is they don't take reservations. Bayona, Brightsen's and Mr. B's - you can't beat them - and that's only the start of the alphabet. I will be visiting New Orleans next week - arriving on Saturday to take in a portion of the French Quarter Festival. I plan on dining at Bayona, Marisol, Casamento's, Frankie and Johnny's, Mandina's and Irene's for sure. I hope I can squeeze in Gerard's or Brightsen's and of course the BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's. (Cafe Du Monde for beignets is a given) Are you coming in July for the Wine and Fod Experience?

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        This is a birthday trip; I think the Wine and Food Experience is in May.

        Went to Bayona for lunch once and it was great. Is it just as good for dinner? Recent posts haven't been very encouraging.

        1. Look into the Le Richelieu for rooms. They also have a pool, which comes in handy in July....which is actually my prefered time to visit. Less crowds!
          Do try Irene's for dinner. No reservations, but not a bad wait in the summer.