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Apr 4, 2002 09:03 AM

An invitation ......

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OK NO. Chowhounds....since you have been sooo helpful with the info on The Best Stop......
I am now planning a road trip out there to get that precious boudin and whatever else was recomended.
I don't have alot of room in my car but if a few of you have a serious interest as well and want to come along to stock up for are welcome.
The gas is on me.
Drop me an email and let me know if you're interested.....I want to go soon cuz I LOOOOVE boudin ...
I can ALREADY taste it.

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  1. You should consider going to Festival des Acadiens in Lafayette in September. Last time I was there they had smoked (yes SMOKED) boudin. It's a fun festival, lots of great food, the admission is free, and you can bring your own booze (as long as you don't bring the cooler into the 'grass area'). And by then, you'd need another stop at Scott again.