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Apr 2, 2002 11:07 PM

Need some input on the BEST Po Boys in Metairie.....

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Now that I am once again a resident of La. and living down the street from plenty of seafood markets I need to find a place that makes a KILLER shrimp Po Boy.
None of the markets make them...they only sell the shrimp.
Anybody have any suggestions ?
I live out by the lake.


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  1. Best used to be La. Seafood Exchange on Jefferson Hwy., but a few weeks ago when I went, the retail operation was closed.
    Next best, any of the Danny and Clydes.

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    1. re: Shelby

      I seem to remember LSE from years past.
      I was at Danny and Clydes yesterday and the shrimps seem awfully small. DO you know if they use fresh shrimp??
      I tend to see the small shrimp and wonder if they are the frozen ones.


      1. re: Shelby
        Isabella Maja

        Good news for you! Jacques Leonardi of Jacques Imo's is going to reopen the old La. Seafood Exchange as Crabby Jack's... in about a week. Same type menu will be avail, in addition Chef Austin Leslie's wonderful fried chicken! Aren't we blessed!

        All the best,

        Dennis Seafood Market just off of West Esplanade (either by Clearview or Transcontinental - I always get those 2 mixed up) has wonderful boiled seafood. The crawfish are always great & very clean. I don't recall if they do sandwiches, I think not.

        I had a wonderful roast beef po boy at Guy's Poboys- Magazine St... yesterday, so if you are ever in that neighborhood, give it a try.

        1. re: Isabella Maja

          That's great news on the Seafood Exchange!

          Dennis' is on Lorio block before Clearview, coming from Causeway, on the lake side of W. Esplanade...about 5 blocks from my house.

      2. If you're by the lake, I would think your best bet would be towards Bucktown. Deanie's is pretty good for fried everything, and I seem to remember some French Quarter restaurant just opened a satellite operation in either Bucktown or by West End. I can't remember which off the top of my head -- anyone know which one this is?

        Blue skies,

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        1. re: Catherine

          I know that Deanie's opened up a branch in the old piece goods section of DH Holmes ("Holmes-es") in the Quarter.

          R&O is always good in Bucktown

          1. re: Hazelhurst

            That's it, Hazelhurst, I was backwards. A Bucktown restaurant opened up in the Quarter, not the other way around. Eh, close enough. :)