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Apr 1, 2002 12:24 PM

Best places on Magazine street??

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Hi all!
What are the best places to go for great food along Magazine st???
We like all types of food....
thanks for all your great advice!!!!!

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  1. Don't miss Casamento's, acrosss from the 2d District police station, riverside, almost at Napoleon

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    1. re: Hazelhurst

      ... is it true Casamento's is closed in the summer??? we will be there in July...any other ideas??? Thanks!!

      1. re: Piglet

        Yes, they close at the end of May and re-open in September.

        Eateries pop up on MAgazine like mushrooms after a rain: then they close. Try Taqueria Corona, which is up along about State Street, and Clancy's is only a couple of blocks towards the river on Wenster and Annnunciation

        1. re: Hazelhurst

          just so the out of towner doesn't miss it due to no fault of its own. Clancy's is one of my favorite New Orleans restaurants.

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            I wiht I kud pell korectly--yoo are ritw,uf korse

            WEBSTER is the street.

            Thank you for aiding our visitor--I'd be still blind without your help.

            Clumsidly yours,

    2. Lilette is a fairly recent addition, very good and popular with local diners. It would be a nice dinner choice.

      Most of the restaurants that my husband and I frequent on Magazine St. do not serve traditional New Orleans-style food -- we go to Reginelli's for pizza, Mona's for Middle Eastern food, Mystic Cafe for the grilled portobello sandwich, Cafe Rani for good salads.

      Casamento is about as traditional as they come, but is likely to be closed when you visit.