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Mar 30, 2002 09:38 AM


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Coming to NO for JazzFest and staying at the Hotel Monaco. Have reservations for Brigtsen's but need one more, any comments about Susan Spicer's Cobalt which is in the hotel?

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  1. Nice bar and cozy restaurant with reliable awesome Susan Spicer food. Pretty blue everywhere. Do it!

    1. My waiter at NOLA, although unhelpful about my dissatifaction at his restaurant, whole heartedly suggested that I try Cobalt. Zagat's has it on it's top 5 for upcoming but unrated.

      1. I stayed at the Hotel Monaco recently and was disappointed both evenings I dined at Cobalt. The first night the service was aggressively solicitious to the point of near-creepiness. It was noisy and the food was uninspired through all three courses. As I thought it must have been an off night, I tried again two days later. The food was again off and the atmosphere oppressive.
        I think Susan Spicer has laid an egg with Cobalt. Go to Bayona instead, which is still wonderful from start to finish.