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Mar 27, 2002 04:28 PM

help on weekend plans

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What a great board. My wife and I are coming down from Washington for Easter weekend; we get to N.O. about once a year and I used to live in Jackson, Ms. I'm looking for the best funky neighborhood-type joint to go to on Friday night. Mandina's? Liuzza's? Franky and Johnny's? Some place I've never heard of? Thanks

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  1. Riverbend - although bear in mind it's Good Friday - live music at the Maple Leaf next door

    1. I'll second Jacque-Imo's, but the wait can be extreme if you don't have reservation (available for only 5 or more). For Friday night, I'd try Dick & Jenny's. I went there last Good Friday, around 8:30- 9, and had no problem getting in. While its not quite as funky as J-I, I think its one of the top 5 restaurants in the city. Of course, for true neighborhood ambience, you can't beat Mandina's. The turtle soup is still one of the best.

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        Unimpeachable advice. I'd add Clancy's to the list.

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          love it love it love it. Love the smallness. Love the ever changing menu. Love the quaintness. Love the quality of the food.