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Mar 27, 2002 10:26 AM

Soft Shells Have Arrived! What about Pompano?

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1. I recently asked whether soft shell crabs would be "running" in time for my early April trip to N.O. and planned visit to Clancy's for their smoked soft shell crab. Well, the Crescent City Farmer's Market website reports that the s.s.crabs have returned to the market this week!
2. I'd also like to sample my favorite Galatoire's dish, Grilled Pompano, during my April visit...but I see no sign that pompano is "in season" at this time. Has anyone seen/eaten fresh pompano recently?

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  1. Re: soft-shells, the weather has been quirky and I made inquiries today: was told that there are some available but the real running should start in a week or so--you should be in good shape. Brad might get his from that place across the lake that farms them. But the things "fresh freeze" fairly well if one wants them deep fried (Mencken is spinning in his grave at the very mention of such a thing). If the smoked ones seem brittle then they've been frozen.

    A friend had pompano at Galatoire's a couple of weeks ago on the advice of an excellent waiter. However, she was disapointed at teh size of the fish and the waiter was upset at the kitchen for not telling him they had run out of the big ones. Give me a day or two and I will check with sources in the City.

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      Hazelhurst: Thanks for your advise and continuing assistance. I'm very much looking forward to my upcoming Lafayette and New Orleans trip, with hopefully many enjoyable meals along the way!

    2. A quick calling frenzy yields this info: teh restaurant is getting pompano off-and-on: they do not use frozen pompano at all and it is just hit-or-miss. The cool weather has run late this year and that is a good thing for your cause. You might catch both ss crabs and pompano on the cusp, sort of like The Great Uptown Dinner---Casamento's for oysters and Hansen's Sno Bilz for dessert. can only do that on a few days of the year.