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Mar 20, 2002 02:07 PM

One free day in NOLA

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I have one free day in NOLA before a big conference and have only been to the city once before, years ago, during Jazz Fest and am looking for recommendations of an unforgetable meal. What do you suggest?

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  1. I had a fabulous meal at Restaurant August. It is downtown in the business district so it should be easy to get to also.

    1. I am scratching my head to think of a feed me type situation in which you could get a sampling of all sorts of great New Orleans flavors, but I'm not coming up with anything. The Brennan's various restaurants are good spots for local cuisine, and of course Emeril's few too. Perhaps one of them, Palace and Mr. B's being my favorities, could do such a thing for you even though it's not on their written menu - if it's not a hectic Friday, etc.

      1. Let's simplify things a bit: where can I get an oyster po'boy and muffaletta that will blow my socks off? I figure I cannot go wrong in general at the well-known high end places in the Quarter; it's at the other end of the scale that things become more iffy.

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          Muffaletta = Central Grocery on Decatur

          Oyster Poboy, hmmm, maybe the two oyster houses, Acme or Felix's, in the 700 block of Iberville Street.

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            Re: muffaletta - tradition says Central Grocery but my vote would go to Napolean's. New Orleans is a wonderful place. You'll enjoy the whole experience.