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Mar 7, 2002 08:46 PM

Dining on a budget

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Traveling with 4 children...ages 6-11. Food is not of great importance to them, as long as they get some. They would rather spend all our money on attractions and souveniers ;)

We have picked a list of a few nice places that we intend to check out alone, but what I really need are some inexpensive ideas for feeding "the tribe".

Any suggestions ?


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  1. Maspero's on Decatur - big sandwiches, Ralph & Kakoo's,
    beignet's at Cafe du Monde are all kid friendly, less expensive and in the Quarter.

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    1. re: Steve N
      "Big Ray" Jones

      I agree that Cafe Maspero's on Decatur (NOT Maspero's Slave Exchange at Chartres & St. Louis) is one of the cheapest and most kid-friendly restaurant in the Quarter. Cafe du Monde is kid friendly but all they serve are beignets, coffee, milk, etc.

      You might also want to try Fiorella's in the 1200 block of Decatur for lunch or breakfast. It has good food for reasonable prices and is mostly locals.

      Though I consider them a sacrilege to visit when on vacation in New Orleans, there's also a Wendy's in the 500 block of Canal, a McDonald's in the 700 block of Canal that also has an entrance in the 100 block of Royal, another McDonald's in the 800 block (I think) of Canal on the uptown side and a Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken in the 100 block of Chartres.


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      1. re: "Big Ray" Jones

        If you're coming from outside the Southeast area, you may not have tried Crystal. There's one on Bourbon a block from Canal. Except if you go late at night, it is very kid friendly.

        Another good place would be La Marquise, a nice cafe on Chartres, about a block uptown from the church. They have a beautiful courtyard in the back and they serve some sandwiches and dessert.

    2. There's The Gumbo Shop in the French Quarter. Not fabulous food, but decent enough. Great if you want to try a lot of the local specialties like gumbo, etoufee, etc. I've seen a lot of kids there. Prices are also pretty good.

      You can also go to Central Grocery for the muffalatta. I actually prefer the one next door. One should run you less than $10, and it's big enough to feed four children!

      Good luck.

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      1. re: Jennifer J

        "The one next door" would have been Progress Grocery, which is no more. There is a cafe in the space, and they may serve muffalettas. I have not tried the place.

      2. There are plenty of cheap, good eats in the Quarter and other locations. In the Quarter, try Mena's on Iberville. It has lots of plate lunches for about $6. Lots of locals eat there for lunch, including friday for the fried catfish. Two doors down on Iberville is the Country Flame, a little Mexican/Cuban place with great cuban sndwiches (~$4), fajitas (~$6) and empanadas (~$1). The Napoleon House has great muffs, with one feeding two adults, as well as other sandwiches in a wonderful setting. Mona Lisa on Royal has pizza and pasta for very reasonable prices, and you can bring your own wine (minimal or no corkage fee). Coissant D'Or is ideal for a pastry and coissant breakfast. Lastly, in the back of the Quarter, try the Louisiana Pizza kitchen with reasonably priced wood oven pizzas and a great Ceasar salad.

        1. Mother's Restaurant on Poydras (I think) has an early bird (before 9 AM) breakfast special for 4.95. After 9 it's around 7.95. But the huge plate of eggs, grits, 2 large biscuits, ham or sausage, should hold anyone until mid-afternoon.

          1. Camellia Grill is uptown, not in the French Quarter, but it is at the end of the streetcar line, which kids would enjoy riding. It has great omlettes, burgers and milkshakes, and is a New Orleans institution. I loved going there when I was a kid.

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            1. re: ann

              Just to avoid confusion I point out that Camellia Grill is several blocks from the end of the streetcar line. It is at the end of the Carrollton section where the line turns onto St Charles Ave. So, coming from downtown, when the streetcar swings off of St Charles onto Carrollton, Camellia Grill is almost immediately on your left. Can't miss the faux-antebellum facade