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Mar 7, 2002 06:45 PM


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I am going to be headed to New Orleans in a few weekends. We want to have real fresh hot crawfish like you would get around Lafayette. So often in New Orleans they are served on ice or were boiled yesterday. We are looking for a place that pours the steaming bugs, taters and corn straight from the steamer to the newspaper covered table with a bucket of Abita next to you. Any suggestions within fifty miles of New Orleans?

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  1. at Westend. The best in the city in my humble opinion. Live music a lot of the time. All the extras along with the bugs. $1.50 per lb Sat 12-4 and Wed and Thurs from 4-8pm.

    1. I haven't tried this restaurant yet (neighborhood joint) but I heard Frankie and Johnny's have a great crawfish boil. I'm heading down to New Orleans on April 13 and I thought I would give them a try.

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        I prefer mine hot. Their family atmosphere is nice though. Less cheesy than Jaeger's if you know what I mean.

      2. Sid-Mars located in Bucktown on the lake serves crawfish hot, 831-9541. Also Acme oyster house on the lake in west end, 282-9200. I'm not sure if the one in the quarter serves them hot or not.

        You can also try The Galley for Hot Crawfish. They are located at 2535 Metaireie Rd,832-0955.

        Good Luck

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          Good advice!

          I like your nom de voyage. Many years ago, I ws part of an alpine team that essayed the heights of Monkey Hill (the geographic formation, that is). We pitched a base camp (tents etc) and then made for the summit. We pitched anothe tent 1/2 way up and rested for the Final Assualt. Dixie Beer and a few Bright Star Po-Boys gave us the energy to make it to the summit. It was a daring feat and I do not advise the youth of today to attempt such folly. That we are alive today is a miracle.......

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            I had some amazing hot crawfish at Yo Mama's on St. Peter in the Quarter on Saturday, complete with the requisite bucket of Abita. One of the best meals I've ever had.

          2. I once got crawfish from a take out place in Mid City, called K-Jean's, I think. Freshly boiled crawfish for about $1 a pound. Not sure where or if its still there.

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              K-Jean was still there last year. It's a great take out joint if you have a place to take the crawfish, or if you don't mind having them on the side walk. When done, you can walk down the street to a great Italian cafe for some italian delicacies.