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Mar 6, 2002 01:15 PM

single in New Orleans

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I'm heading to New Orleans for a long weekend by myself. What are some of the best bets for chowing down as a singleton, i.e., bars with food, restaurants with bars/oyster bars, etc. Any advice on Gospel (not jazz) brunch? I'll be looking for the best Gumbo, 'po boys, muffeleta, red beans and rice. I'm partial to dives.

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  1. muffaletta = Central Grocery on Decatur Street

    po boy = Johnny's on St. Louis Street or Mother's on Poydras Street

    red beans and rice = Coop's Place again on Decatur Street

    gumbo = Gumbo Shop next to Pat O'Briens on St. Peter

    raw oysters = Acme or Felix's on Iberville Street

    All dives per say, but darn good food.

    1. Good bar with food is Cutter Brown's on River Road. This is uptown and you will probably be staying in the Quarter. Great raw oysters, sandwiches, etc. For a jazz brunch go to the House of Blues on Decateur. Not to expensive and a very good mea.

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        Cooter Brown's can be reached on the St. Charles trolley. Nearly overwhelming selection of beers, good oysters, and boudin.

      2. Go to 201 on Decatur, right next to the house of blues. Nice restaurant, very friendly staff, beautiful bar to eat at (you WILL end up with a conversation with everyone around you), good drinks, great food (try the porc tenderloin), wonderful atmosphere. It's not your FQ dump, nor is it a fancy place like Commanders. Whether you are wearing a suit or jeans, you'll feel at ease. They used to make good sazeracs there as well.

        If you'd like something a little different, try old dog new trick, it's in an 'alley' behind the Monteleone/police station, good vegetarian food, great outdoor seating in (Pirate's?) alley. You'll think that you're in Paris (almost).

        Try Coops on lower decatur for a late night meal. Good dives would be Molly's on the Market, go there on Sunday afternoons to chat with the resident writers and poets (Codrescu et. al.), Buffa's on Esplanade has food (I think). You can get a good burger late at night at Check Point Charlie on Esplanade and Decatur and check out their rock and blues bands (no cover).

        There's another dive on Frenchman street with an Italian restaurant upstairs. I believe it is called the Red Apple (or something to that effect), and the resaurant upstairs is Adolfo's. Never eaten there, but I've been to the bar quite a few times till 5ish before heading to 'after hour' dives uptown (miss maes/Snake and Jake's).

        The other good dive bars would be the Saturn bar and Milan's Lounge (pronouced Maaylan).

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          Old Dog New Trick has moved. It is now on Frenchmen St. in the Marigny on the other side of Esplanade.

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            Vital Information

            I always thought the correct pronounceation was MY-lan Lounge. The place in New Orleans to watch the cubbies. (The streetcar stops at Milan, which is one block from Napolean. Milan Lounge is a block riverside).

            Camelia Grill is all counter and highly accesible for a single. Get a burger with a waffle for dessert. If you follow other's suggestion for Cooter Browns, the two are near each other, and streetcar friendly.


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              MY-lan is correct. I think it was an error in transciption

          2. I often go to Casamento's on Magazine Street by myself. In fact, the lighting is so unattractive I don't know why people would want to go there with somebody else, except maybe family. Anyway, the lights are so bright you can read why you suck down the oysters and the joint is very fun.

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            1. re: Laura M.

              I second the Casamento's motion (Magazine & Napoleon). The raw oysters (and oyster loaf) there are far superior in quality to anything offered at Cooter Brown's. Another good spot for raw ones in that same area is the raw bar at Pascal's Manale (Napoleon & Dryades).

              Personally, I don't care for the non - oyster offerings at Casamento's (except the gumbo), and I rarely eat in the restaurant at Manale's - but stick with the oysters at either place & you'll do just fine....

              1. re: Laura M.

                Well, if you do end up going to Casamento's, and you like dives, stop by Miss Mae's (it has a sign that says "The Club Open 24 Hours"). Have a few cheap CHEAP drinks (well drinks are $1 on Wednesdays, most beers$1.25 - 1.75), then go and check out MYlan's a few blocks away, get back to Ms Mae's, then head down to Tippitina for some music. When the show at Tippitina is over, go to F&M (uptown on Tchoupitoulas) which should be kicking by then. Get some cheese fries to soak up all the alcohol. Afterwards, you can go back to Ms. Maes for after hour after hour drinks and wait till Camelia Grill opens up (around 7) to go there for breakfast.

                If you want to try something different, go further on carrolton to a place called Nick's (can someone check), they have Grillades on the menu. One of the few "joints" that actually serves it. It's not one of the best that you can have, but nevertheless, if you never had NO Grillades, you'd be missing a lot.

                Speaking of Grillades, should we start a new thread on the best grillades in NO?

                Another good dive if you like old R&B would be The Mother in law lounge. Unfortunately, The Emperor (Ernie K-Doe) has left us for a better place, and the mother in-law is not the same without him. However, you can now sample the Gumbo they used to serve when Ernie played at Tee-Eva's place on Magazine and Napoleon.