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Mar 5, 2002 11:00 AM

2 questions: best gumbo and commander's palace

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i'm going to new orleans for the first time this weekend. where's the best place to get gumbo? no texaco stops please! (seemed to be the consensus in the previous gumbo-related thread) this advice is not so useful for tourists without cars...

also, i made reservations at commander's palace. (i know some advise against it, but it seems like something everyone should do once...)are there any seasonal dishes that would be really good there right now?

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    Phil DePaolo

    Hi Chowhounds,
    This year will be the 5th straight year i will be at the Quater Fest.Here are my favs.
    1-Sclafani-Corn &Crawfish Bisque
    2-Tujaques-Brisket W/ Horseradish sauce & the Stuffed Merliton
    3-Vaucresson Sausage-Crawfish sausage Po boy
    4-Dakota-Crawfish cakes
    5-Gumbo Shop-Chicken Gumbo
    6-La Chatelaine-Oreo cookie bread puddingw/ice cream
    7-Kelsey-Beef patty w/coco bread.
    Its a great time to go to New Orleans Great Music,The weather has been perfect every year.I go to Sunday brunch at Commanders Palace and i always found the food and service top notch.This will be the first time
    i will eat at the Palace since the Passing of Jamie Shannon.So im hoping for the best.Man typing this made me hungry.38 days to Quaterfest.

    See ya at Quaterfest

    1. Crawfish are in season, so I would keep an eye out for Commander's variations.

      Best gumbo, sans a car, would be the gumbo yaya at Mr. B's. Next best is at Herbsaint, a Susan Spicer (of Bayona fame) restaurant in the central business dstrict on St. Charles Avenue. Also, call Restaurant August to see if the are serving it that day. I had it for lunch last week and it was superb. Lastly, the Gumbo Shop and the Acme, as touristy as they are, make a decent gumbo. But its not as good as the above three.

      1. I have to agree - Mr. B's has an excellent gumbo - easy to reach and/or walk to. I have actually never had a bad experience at Commander's - there are so many new and good restaurants in New Orleans that Commander's does not hold the place it once did. Try the turtle soup at Commander's - I have always just loved it there. Have fun.

        1. Save room for the Bread Pudding Souffle!