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French Quarter Festival - Food Stands

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I will be visiting NO during the FQ Festival and would like to know whether there are any "must haves" or "must avoids" at the Festival's food stands. I get the impression that the Festival's food offerings do not match up well, in quality or quantity, to those offered at the Jazzfest. Any suggestions?

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  1. Mrs. Wheat's meat pies are always good, and the sauteed chicken livers with jalapeno jelly from Praline Connection are wonderful if you like that sort of thing. We eagerly anticipated the crawfish bread last year and it was awful --pale, underbaked bread with a ton of mayo in the filling.

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      Phil DePaolo

      Hi Chowhounds,
      Sorry,I posted my Quaterfest favorites
      on the post above regarding Commanders Palace.


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        Steve Nakazono

        Thanks for the info Phil. This will be my 5th visit to New Orleans - but my first to the French Quarter Festival. I have been wondering what to expect.
        I did see a partial events listing on www.frenchquarterfestivals.org - but it only listed music. Unfortunately I won't be arriving until Saturday afternoon, but that leaves all of Sunday to "Chow-Down" at the Festival.

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          In the bottom right down by the fleur de lis they have a link to some of the vendors! Here it is http://www.fqfi.org/news/?p=113


      2. I second the suggestion of Mrs Wheat's crawfish pies. But you must try Muriel's crawfish & goat cheese crepes. OMG I can't wait! Both stands are at Jackson Square. Also FQFI.com now has the menu spots mapped. We will be arriving Tuesday to get our stomachs ready for Friday - Sunday. FQF is the best!


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          +1 to the crepes. i generally dont find the FQF food nearly as awesome as JF, but these crepes are good.

        2. You can hit up any Brother's food mart gas station for meat pies 24 hrs a day!

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            Or buy 'em in a box in the freezer cases at Wal-Mart!

            FQF can get silly crowded in the Woldenberg Park area; last year's lines were ridiculous in that part of the festival.

          2. +1 chicken livers w/ pepper jelly
            +1000 Muriel's crepes!!! By far the best thing there!

            1. I like the shrimp and grits from EAT at the Zydeco Stage at the Mint.....

              Also, the FQF crawfish bread IS awful.

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                I love EAT! but I didn't get to eat what they were serving last year...but I'll definitely try it this year.

              2. Last year, the desserts from Flour Power bakery were delicious.

                The list from Tommy's link includes Huevos, and if they're offering anything with their homemade sausage I recommend it highly.

                What/where is Bach Dang Cafe?

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                  It's a place on Alcee Fortier in NO East/Versailles....I thought it was more of a bar than a restaurant.

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                    So it is the same place that comes up as "Bach Dang Cafe and Pool Hall" if you search Google. They're serving shrimp and pork spring rolls, apparently.

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                    Woot Flour Power! Friday we had the Praline Creme Brulee and (my memory fails me suddenly) but it was a white cake with berries. So delicious. However, the Abita beer was WAY off. We just skipped down to the Crescent City Brewhouse and grabbed a coupla weiss beers to go. :)

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                      I think the memory may have failed you Annasta, that was the Strawberry Creole Creme Cheese Bavarian. The Praline Creme Brulee (which was also excellent) was akin to a butterscotch pudding in a pastry shell with a crumbled praline/pecan coating that had been burnt on.

                      As for the Abita, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone that thought every one of them was "WAY off." Did you get the Purple Haze because it was a wheat beer and didn't know that it was a raspberry wheat beer, hence the "way off?"


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                        I was thinking the same thing. Dixie beer had bad batches, but Abita? I've never heard that from anyone. Could the vendor have improperly stored the beer?

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                          The Dixie Beer bad batches, I remember coming home from school one day and Dixie had gone around the neighborhood leaving 6 packs on everyone's porch to promote the new batch coming out. My father knew who didn't drink on the block and sent me around to borrow the 6 packs. lol My how times have changed, can you imagine a brewery leaving 6 packs on everyone's porch now?

                  3. I recently received confirmation from the Wife that we'll be going to FQ fest on Saturday, so I've put together my "game plan." Luckily, I'm going to have a couple other people with me so I'll be able to share dishes and try more options, but here is what I'm thinking so far:

                    -The Joint: Smoked Chaurice sandwich (I have to give the ponce/chaurice another run)
                    -Love at First Bite: Cochon de lait poboy
                    -Jacques Imo's: Slow roasted duck poboy
                    -Alibi: BBQ Shrimp poboy

                    Ribs: Bywater vs Nola (want to try both and compare)

                    Have to haves:
                    -EAT: shrimp and grits
                    -Mrs. Wheats: Crawfish meat pie
                    -Muriel's: Crepes

                    -Gelato Pazza
                    -Flour Power

                    Any thoughts?


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                      Your choices sound perfect. One recommendation...if you're into chicken livers, the grilled livers with pepper jelly sauce is to die for!

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                        I was unimpressed with the duck poboy last year. It was without taste apart from that lent by the pickle, and mushy.

                        However, for lunch just now I had crawfish in lobster sauce from Trey Yuen, and it was very good. And the praline creme brulee dessert from Flour Power is awesome.

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                          Okay, here was the actual rundown of what we tried yesterday if any of you are contemplating going out there today:

                          -The Joint: Smoked Chaurice sandwich (tasty little sausage poboy but not a very hard smoke on it and nothing like my first adventure with smoked ponce)
                          -Love at First Bite: Cochon de lait poboy (UNBELIEVABLE- talked to them and "Love at First Bite is the catering name for Walker's, a.k.a. they are the same as Jazzfest. I swear they piled on even more meat for the FQF. Both here and a Jazzfest, the CDL poboy is the best deal and the best dish. If they would have had butcher paper I would have had them wrap me up a half dozen.)
                          -Jacques Imo's: Slow roasted duck poboy (didn't try it, but my buddy said it was good, it looked a little "loose" to me
                          -Alibi: BBQ Shrimp poboy (didn't try it but their BBQ shrimp pasta was tasty, good amount of spice and nice sized shrimp)

                          Ribs: Bywater vs Nola (decided to forgo the ribs after seeing the portions for the price, did try Delmonico's confit pork cheeks with dirty rice and it was pretty darn good though

                          Have to haves:
                          -EAT: shrimp and grits (REALLY good, much more soup like than most I have tried, but great flavor and a great dish)
                          -Mrs. Wheats: Crawfish meat pie (total disappointment, nothing like Lasyone's at the Roadfood Festival, the crust tasted like Domino's pizza crust and the filling had very little crawfish and a good deal of rice...sorry Mrs. Wheat)
                          -Muriel's: Crepes (stellar, both the sauce and the crepe were excellent)

                          -Gelato Pazza (didn't try)
                          -Flour Power (had the praline creme brulee and the strawberry creole creme cheese Bavarian, both very good with the former winning a head to head contest)

                          Also tried:
                          Trey Yuen- Crawfish with lobster sauce (excellent)

                          Wanted to try but just couldn't manage:
                          Juans- pork and slaw tacos
                          Love at First Bite-crawfish pasta (people were lining up for this stuff, and when they got backed up, they let the cochon de lait'ers come up to the front of the line...yes, it was a good day)
                          Tujague's- brisket of beef with horseradish sauce

                          Summary- get out there for a cochon de lait poboy if nothing else. More to come (with pics) on the blog very soon.


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                            The Slow-roasted Duck Poboy tasted remarkably like turkey. With that said, it was delicious anyway (also, instead, because) I haven't had much duck, no matter the preparation, but I was expecting a different flavor than I received. Overall the fest was great. I had a perfectly cooked burger at Port of Call, breakfast at Stella was uninspired, however O'Brien's Hurricanes didn't disappoint.

                        2. i just walked over there for lunch. i had a few things, but the only one i'd recommend was from emeril's booth - confit pork cheeks with dirty rice. needed a dash of hot sauce but very good.

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                            Just got around to reading this thread. I had to laugh; on Saturday, later in the day, I noticed that they had covered up the word 'cheeks' on their sign. I guess some people were put off by the idea of eating 'cheeks', but 'confit' sounded tasty!