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Mar 5, 2002 08:04 AM

French Quarter Festival - Food Stands

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I will be visiting NO during the FQ Festival and would like to know whether there are any "must haves" or "must avoids" at the Festival's food stands. I get the impression that the Festival's food offerings do not match up well, in quality or quantity, to those offered at the Jazzfest. Any suggestions?

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  1. Mrs. Wheat's meat pies are always good, and the sauteed chicken livers with jalapeno jelly from Praline Connection are wonderful if you like that sort of thing. We eagerly anticipated the crawfish bread last year and it was awful --pale, underbaked bread with a ton of mayo in the filling.

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      Phil DePaolo

      Hi Chowhounds,
      Sorry,I posted my Quaterfest favorites
      on the post above regarding Commanders Palace.


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        Steve Nakazono

        Thanks for the info Phil. This will be my 5th visit to New Orleans - but my first to the French Quarter Festival. I have been wondering what to expect.
        I did see a partial events listing on - but it only listed music. Unfortunately I won't be arriving until Saturday afternoon, but that leaves all of Sunday to "Chow-Down" at the Festival.

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          In the bottom right down by the fleur de lis they have a link to some of the vendors! Here it is


      2. I second the suggestion of Mrs Wheat's crawfish pies. But you must try Muriel's crawfish & goat cheese crepes. OMG I can't wait! Both stands are at Jackson Square. Also now has the menu spots mapped. We will be arriving Tuesday to get our stomachs ready for Friday - Sunday. FQF is the best!


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          +1 to the crepes. i generally dont find the FQF food nearly as awesome as JF, but these crepes are good.

        2. You can hit up any Brother's food mart gas station for meat pies 24 hrs a day!

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            Or buy 'em in a box in the freezer cases at Wal-Mart!

            FQF can get silly crowded in the Woldenberg Park area; last year's lines were ridiculous in that part of the festival.

          2. +1 chicken livers w/ pepper jelly
            +1000 Muriel's crepes!!! By far the best thing there!