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Mar 3, 2002 01:49 PM

St. Patrick's Day

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Not so much about food but anyone going to NO on St. Pat's day, Jim Monaghan's parade through the district is a bunch of fun. Try to be at Molly's on the Market on Decatur when the parade ends (parade starts and ends there). It's a hoot! Sorry Leff, but just had to mention this non-food thing being the Detroit Irish hooligan that I am.

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  1. Sadly, this year's celebration will be without the "man" himself. Jim Monaghan died shortly before Christmas last year. You can read all about the festivities associated with his farewell party in an article written by his wife, Liz Scott, in this month's New Orleans magazine. But do not despair, the parade tradition will go on. And you can pay obeisance to Jim's ashes located above the cash register. Drink up, but pay in advance!

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      Thank you for the reply. My wife and I always felt that we were the "unofficial" representatives of the Detroit Gaelic League and Irish-American club. Won't take up Chowhound space with great non-food memories. Does the New Orleans Magazine have a website? I would like to read the Liz Scott article.
      Thanks - Bob

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        It's as simple as! I don't think the current issue is available yet, however. It usually runs a month behind. The article you want is under the heading Chronicles of Recent History.

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          Halloween won't the same either without the Molly's parade in the vieux carre!