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Mar 1, 2002 12:44 PM

Just Curious

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Not really a food question but at last stay at Maison de Ville, while enjoying breakfast on our balcony, we would watch some really scary people coming out of a place across the street named the Dungeon. We're old fogies. Obviously not a 5 star restaurant! What's the skinny??

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  1. the Dungeon is a classic Quarter dive. I have not been there in years--doesn't open till midnight. It has always been weird. A friend was in there years ago partying with some guy in his MArdi Gras costume and came to find out that they guy was wanted for a murder earlier that day. Phoned a cop friend and they nailed him.

    Last time I was there I was surprised to note that I automatically ducked at a strategic point in the upstairs stairwell to avoid bumping my head. This means that it had been ingrained in my youth from going there with friends that liked to hang out there. Your report of "scary" types coming out fits exactly with my recollections.

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      Ah, the Dungeon! What a classic New Orleans scene. Yeah, it may be scary to some. It attracts some of the lower Decatur quarter rats, some goth kids all dressed in black, and surprisingly, middle aged tourists clad in white shorts, white shirts, and sandals (with sox). It is a maze over there, and it can be very dense. There's a small dance floor upstairs where the DJ plays only requested songs, and where you see 42 year old Bob from DesMoines trying to pick up 21 year old Misstress Lolita from lower decatur.