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Feb 27, 2002 10:29 PM

New Orleans Po Boy

  • j

Where can I find the best Po Boy in the French Quarter.

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  1. Hi Chowhounds,
    I had a great po boy at the Quater Scene
    and they have great fries too! And johnnys has never
    let me down.


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    1. re: Phil DePaolo

      Its Mother's for me - get the Debris Po Boy!!

    2. Depending on the kind of Po' Boy you are looking for, the answer would differ. But Johnny's is arguably the best in the Quarter overall. Nevertheless, do not miss venturing out of the quarter about 2 blocks for the Ferdi's Special at Mother's.

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      1. re: Hoc

        If you really want to do some venturing, venture down to Rocky & Carlo's on St. Bernard Hwy. in Chalmette across the street from the Mobil refinery. Their roast beef po-boy costs five bucks and gigantic.

        Bring a friend, get some wop salad and mac&cheese wit' red gravy, and you're good to go.