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Jan 28, 2002 08:02 PM

what's this Rene Bistrot

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Heading home shortly for a conference and have read on this and other boards tid bits about a new spot with the Windsor Court's former chef and Emeril's former maitre d' --> Rene Bistrot. Please give me the low down. Should I add it to my eating agenda? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Absolutely add it to the agenda, and save room for the cheese course instead of dessert. Awesome, and plenty to share. A real bargain at $8.00.


    1. Rene Bajeaux was the Executive Chef at Windsor Court's Grill Room for the past few years. He's decided to open his own place in the renovated Pere Marquette bldg that's now a hotel. Instead of the haute cuisine of The Grill Room, Rene has opted for a stylish contemporary bistro deal, harkening back to his Alsatian roots. Nothing is over $20, although the wine list is rather expensive and somewhat ill-conceived.

      The braised rabbit, coated in mustard, and served with near crispy spaetzle is delicious, and a recent skate dish with an artichoke vinaigrette was also top notch.

      The maitre'd, Mr. Ali, from Windsor Court has now teamed with John Besh at Restaurant August. I was not at all impressed with my meal there, save for a stunning foie gras in three ways, but the service and decor are lovely. I have some doubts about all the hype given to Chef Besh.

      Finally, if it's cheese you're craving in New Orleans, please check out Marisol -- on Esplanade, where the chef manages to keep over 50 kinds of cheese, each with their own accompaniment, for around $5 per cheese.