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Jan 21, 2002 08:40 PM

two international questions for NOLA

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from a local....

anybody seen vegemite in any stores? i checked the int'l market in metarie and bylbos already...

and ..

i have a hankering for raclette. euro/swiss restaurant w/i driving distance?


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  1. g
    Gerald McGowin

    I would give Whole Paycheck a call. They have a lot of things not available elsewhere.

    The better idea would be to order on line from some of the ethnic grocers. Most anything you might crave can be easily found.

    Another suggestion - raclette is easy and cheap to make yourself.

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    1. re: Gerald McGowin

      thanks. of course i can make the raclette, i was looking more for "the experience"....

      but i'll check out whole foods on the other!