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Jan 20, 2002 03:51 AM

What do you do now that MacKenzie's bakery is gone?

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When I've visited NO I loved going there and buying their petit fors. Is there a similar bakery offering the same style goods around town, now that the long-standing bakery has gone away?

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    underworld gourmet

    We cry and remember the past. Of course, for the last decade or so the chocolate eclairs weren't as good as in my youth--when they were so heavy they felt like they were filled with lead and tasted wonderful--but particularly at Mardi Gras--like, now---we miss the hot fresh glazed, which with a good well-sugared cup of coffee is absolutely necessary for parade going on a chilly evening. For King cakes tho, go to France's bakery, whose the fillings of which--particularly the blueberry cheesecake--often elicit comments along the lines of "does the Church know about this stuff--and it's still legal? "