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Jan 20, 2002 12:22 AM

Slidell and North Shore

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I have meetings in the NO area the week of January 28 and this time staying and dining across the pond in Slidell. I have a place to stay and due to scheduling can't get to NO for lunch and prefer not to for dinners. I would appreciate thoughts for both and being I also need to be in Mandeville, North Shore restaurant suggestions beyond Slidell would be great.

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  1. Mandy's, right over the bridge in Mandeville serves great food, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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      What type of food does Mandy's have and being I will be the area for four to five days, do you have additional suggestions.

      1. re: Tom

        Since I'm not a native and not too familiar with directions around Slidell I may be sending you out of the way, still I think this is in the general area. Try Middendorf's, good crabs when they are in season and I am told good fried catfish that is sliced very thin. Check further down on this board for more info on that restaurant.
        Good Luck

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          Middendorf's is in Pass Manchac, which is to say the exact opposite direction. Decent catfish, though.

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          I'm also a non-native that happened to make one quick trip to the North Shore two years ago. Correction, Mande's is breakfast and lunch only.

          I had gumbo and catfish for lunch, and I remember it being simple, but pretty good. It looked like it would be a good breakfast spot too. The place looks like a local hangout/glorified diner where one could pick up on the gossip of Mandeville.

      2. Check out the discussion of Artesia under the "Mike's on the Avenue" thread. Abita Springs is sort of between Slidell and Covington/Mandeville. The Abita Brew Pub (casual) and The Dakota (Covington) also seem to have lots of fans -- I haven't been to either. Other popular restaurants in that area are La Provence and Sal & Judy's in Lacombe, also between the two more highly populated areas. I can only help you by reputation on this subject.

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          Assunta is wonderful

          It is between that highway that runs between Slidell and Mandeville. I am from the Southshore, so can't remember the name.

          It is the same one that La Provance and Sal & Judy's is on.

          I have not been to La Provance in a while, but I have been recently to Sal & Judy's and to Assunta. Both are Italian, and the food is excellent.