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Jan 17, 2002 12:56 PM

Mike's on the Avenue Question

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Is Mike's still around? How is the food? It's been on my list since 1997 when my father said it was the best 2 meals he ate in N.O. (including Uglesich's twice and Emeril's). Do I need to take it off? I searched the board and found nothing.

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  1. Sorry, it no longer exists. I think it is Mike Ditka's restaurant now.

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    1. re: Bob S

      And it is my understanding that it has been sold a couple of times since Ditka left town, although it is still called Mike Ditka's. Mostly a steak-heavy menu; decorated with lots of pictures of Ditka the one time I went.

      1. re: Sarah C

        You are correct, he did sell it, name is the same, and full of football stuff on the walls, and his pictures.


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      More of Everything...

      I posed the same question about this place last year, hoping it was still around. I also can say I'd eaten one of my best nola meals ever at that former establishment.

      Mike is now in San Francisco, and his restaurant is Mecca in the Castro district, I believe.

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        Just found it. Glad to hear my Dad wasn't raving about Ditka's place... I did a search and didn't come up with it. You posted it exactly 366 days ago on 1/17/01. I'll be looking forward to next year's post.

      2. Mike's on the Avenue closed several years ago, 1998 or so. The owner, Vicky Bayley, has opened up a new restaurant in Abita Springs that everybody has been raving about: Artesia. Haven't been there myself, but if Ms. Bayley is involved, it's got to be good.

        Blue skies,

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        1. re: Catherine

          But then, the original chef that everyone loved so much at Artesia left, and that restaurant has been through several changes since. Now Gerard Maras of Gerard's has taken over the reins (still doing Gerard's downtown, reportedly, obviously with assistance), and I haven't talked to anyone who has been there since that development. I would expect him to be doing a good job, however.

          Note that Artesia in Abita Springs and the Abita Brew Pub are two entirely different restaurants.

          1. re: Sarah C

            We went to Gerard's since the move of him splitting his time between Artisia and Gerards. Gerard is usually there at his place on a Saturday night, and that was the reason I went on Saturday night.

            He was not there the night we went, but I am happy to report, you would never have known the difference. His sous chef did an excellent job using Gerard's recipe's.

        2. i never had the pleasure of eating at mikes but if you do take catherns advice and go to abita springs to eat try the abita brew pub the food is great.