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Jan 16, 2002 12:17 PM

Jazz at the Cajun - in New York City

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Before someone tells me to post this on the NYC board, I already have. Its just that I want to cover all the bases and those of you living in New Orleans are the only ones whose opinion I trust re the quality of cajun food.

This place is on 129 8th Ave. Has anyone ever eaten there? How is the food?

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  1. Hi Chowhounds,
    Although Im not from Nawlins,Ive eaten at
    alot of chow in all the visits to my favorite place on earth.The Cajun owners are very kind nice people who try very hard.The staff is pleasant.The food is ok.Dont sit in the front when the music starts unless you like to scream to talk.I would suggest the Delta Grill.Here's a link with more info
    This is as close as your gonna get to New orleans food in NYC.Also get a copy of the Village Voice.Alot of bands from New Orleans play up here.Tab Benoit,Walter Wolfman Washington,Dr John,Re-birth Have all recently
    played in NYC.
    Good Luck