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Jan 16, 2002 08:48 AM

Boiled Seafood?

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The question was raised in the thread below, about whether there is a place for boiled seafood in the quarter.

At first, I could not think of any place, since I never had boiled seafood in the quarter. Then, I remembered the place on Decatur near Tujagues and Central Grocery that always had a big boiling pot by the entrance, almost Parisian style. On the other hand, I never ate there. So my question is twofold: 1) Has anyone ever ate at the place I remember in the Quarter for crawfish, etc. and 2) Where *would* you recommend for "berled" seafood?

More often than not, I ate my boiled seafood at Frankie and Johnies. I also had great stuff at Brunings and even great crabs at Middendorfs.


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    michael (mea culpa)

    I seem to recall seeing a large pot outside Cafe Sbisa but have never eaten there.

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      Vital Information

      Michael, the place you are thinking of, is, I believe, the place I am thinking of, but it is not Cafe Sbisa. Cafe Sbisa is (was?) one of a newer wave of creole resturants. Grilled fish, not as wedded to traditions as say Arnauds or Galatoires, but still very New Orleans, mostly modeled after Mr. B's.

      My only memory of a few times eating at Cafe Sbisa is a great flourless chocolate cake.


      1. re: Vital Information
        michael (mea culpa)

        I just remember a place on Decatur that had a big copper pot outside pushing a crawfish boil, and Cafe Sbisa is on Decatur, but you may well be right. Does Ralph & Kacoos boil anything?

        1. re: michael (mea culpa)

          During Crawfish season, which is starting right about now, or in the next few weeks, you will see many restaurants touting "Hot Boiled Crawfish"

          Just follow your will be everywhere.

          Middendorf's is mostly noted for their catfish.

          Bruning is still great, though in a much smaller location since the hurricane a few years ago, they have not been able to rebuild because of insurance problems. They remain in a much smaller location next door to where they used to be. Brunings is also noted for their stuffed flounder.


          1. re: Yvette

            Yvette I am so glad you spoke up against Ralph & Kacoo. Let the tour buses line up and go in there. Safer that way for everyone. I ate at R&K twice in my nearly 10 years living there. Only thing there that I ever liked were the hush puppies.