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Jan 11, 2002 09:56 AM

Crawfish-too soon?

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Hello! My husband and I will be in NO tomorrow just for the day. We will be parking a rent car somewhere near the French Market (suggestions please)and strolling and eating our way through the Quarter. We will most likely take in the fleamarket, casino, D-Day museum and the St Charles streetcar.

I have read that Acme Oyster House is the place for fresh crawfish but we have never been to NO this early in the season. Can we expect to find any yet?

Any feedback on the Acme and also on the Royal Cafe would be greatly appreciated.

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    Rob in Austin

    Not every place has crawfish on a daily basis yet. Acme had them. Crawfish and a dozen oysters. They were fantastic.

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      Thanks, Rob. Any other suggestions for lunch or dinner while we are there?

    2. If you want to ride on the streetcar, why not park for free on St. Charles Ave. and then ride the streetcar to the Quarter? Good places to park are at Audubon Park across from Tulane or around the Napoleon Ave. area.