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Jan 10, 2002 12:16 PM

super bowl trip

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I am headed down to NO for the Super Bowl and am looking for a great Creole/Cajun restaurant to hit for Friday of Super Bowl weekend. I know it will be an absolute zoo and difficult to get reservations, but I want to at least make some calls. Price is not so much an issue.

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  1. How many in your party? If you have five or more, try Jacques-Imo's on Oak Street, Uptown: a locals' favorite for good food and lots of it, plus a good-times atmosphere and a generous bartender.

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      Gerald McGowin

      You're a bit tardy with your request. And you don't give us much information to help us guide you.

      I have not been there at that time. I'm guessing that getting out of the Quarter might be a good idea.


      Upperline, Brigtsen's, Kelsey's, Dick & Jenny's.