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Jan 6, 2002 01:05 AM

Eat and Stagaire

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I'm travelling to New Orleans with the intention of doing a stagaire or two at a local spot. A Stagaire means helping in the kitchen for free, in exchange for observation. I am a cook in New York and am unfamiliar with the New Orleans scene. Please, some suggestions on which places would be the best. I'm not looking for "food factories" or duplicates of restaurants one could find in New York or San Francisco, but truly talented, local kitchens using the best of local product and technique.

Thank you.

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  1. I, personally, do not know of any New orleans restaurants which offer this particular kind of training, but I believe that the correct term for this is "stagiaire."

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      Thanks for the tips, and no thanks for the spelling corrections. Is it true that New Orleans restaurants don't offer this type of "training"? I was under the impression that the "stage" or "trail" was a universal custom in the biz. I know in New York it's common practice for cooks from other restaurants to come in the kitchen for a day or two. Please let me know if I'll seem like some kind of Yankee rube for suggesting it in New Orleans.

      1. re: cook

        I wish you good luck and will surely be looking for a post describing your "adventure".

    2. I don't care how it's spelled...I would consider contacting John Besh at Restaruant August, Gerard Maras at Gerard's Downtown and Artesia, Ann Kearny at Peristyle, Susan Spicer at Bayona or Pete Vazquez at Marisol (he doesn't cook typical New Orleans fare, but he does use a lot of local ingredients). Good luck.

      1. sure we do stages(sp?){sorry spellchecker}in new orleans just call up and you will be able to hook up. its even easier then in new york cause we are more laid back here.good recomendations from the other posters. good luck.