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Jan 4, 2002 08:43 PM

Cobalt in New Orleans

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I'm wondering if anyone has been to COBALT, a new Susan Spicer restaurant in the Hotel Monaco in New Orleans? Comments? What's good?
Thanks, Big Fat Moe

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  1. The oyster pan roast, the oyster pan roast, the oyster pan won't ever forget it.

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      Tres Tragique

      Don't miss the duck debris biscuit appetizer. It's phenomenal.

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        Hmmm, now I had that and thought the biscuit was great but the duck part was not nearly as tasty as I had hoped. However, I did love the polenta with sauteed wild mushrooms. One of my companions had the oyster roast and liked it a lot. Two coworkers went for lunch one day and both had the salad with lump crabmeat and they were both disappointed, and said the crabmeat was stringy and stingy. All that was a few months ago shortly after it opened, so I have no recent reports.