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Jan 2, 2002 10:08 AM

Vegetarian in New Orleans???

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Hi folks

I will be in New Orleans in a couple of weeks and am really looking forward to sampling wonderful food. BUT... I am a vegetarian. Any suggestions where to go to get great local specialties that are meatless???

Thanks so much!!!!

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  1. Vegetarian in New Orleans? Why bother? Might as well visit the supermarket and graze the salad bar. My advise is to close your eyes, open your mouth, and suck down a couple dozen oysters at Casamentos with a cold Dixie beer..

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    1. re: Moe
      Gerald McGowin

      Yep. Pretty much right.

      If you want vegetarian I would suggest that you fly to San Francisco.

      1. re: Gerald McGowin

        I find these comments insulting. If someone is a vegetarian they shouldn't have to limit their travel experiences because of their dietary needs/restrictions. I agree with the first post that most restaurants will accomodate a request for a vegetarian option. My husband is vegetarian and I am severely allergic to shellfish and we are planning a trip to New Orleans this fall. Don't be discouraged, get a good guide book such as the Time Out guide to New Orleans and enjoy your trip!

        1. re: DeeDee

          I wouldn't encourage anyone from visiting the city, but no ham in your red beans? No raw oysters? No roast beef po-boys? No seafood gumbo? No Barrow's Shady Inn? What a downer.
          Try the gumbo z'herbs at the Gumbo Shop in the French Quarter.

          1. re: mothgirl
            Gerald McGowin

            Good response, mothgirl.

            Don't know about Barrow's Shady Inn. Details?

            1. re: Gerald McGowin

              Gerald, pardon the interruption for a quick request: we ask users not to frequently change subject titles. Doing so screws up the many chowhounds who read these boards via HotPosts (check it out, it's great, via link atop our home page), which are unthreaded.

              It's best for everyone if we keep the subject titles descriptive of the thread as a whole, and only change them if the discussion has substantially digressed.

              Thanks a lot!

              1. re: The Chowhound Team
                Gerald McGowin

                Ooops. Didn't know.

                I applaud your efforts to impose some rules on the site. Makes for a much better environment. Well done.

                Er, should I mention you changed the title?

                Couldn't resist that - and obviously it follows your "discussion has substantially digressed" rule.

                1. re: Gerald McGowin

                  Hey, no need to apologize!

                  Yes, I changed the subject title so New Orleans people hunting for chow tips don't bump into this off topic discussion!

                  1. re: The Chowhound Team

                    Not to be cranky, but I WAS following the vegetarian thread. I really DO want to know where to go to eat vegetarian in New Orleans. I'm going during the week of March 13, looking for vegetarian foods BUT I will eat cooked seafood but not beef or chicken. Is THAT doable? I want yummy food, representative of the area with those caveats. (I am a professor of nutrition/enjoy food tremendously and like to share what I learn.)

          2. re: DeeDee
            Gerald McGowin

            The furtherest thing from my mind was to offend anyone. Sorry if that happened.

            My point was to indicate that New Orleans is not the best place one could find for vegetarian cuisine. Among the things that the city is noted for is the least healthy eating habits of any metropolis in the United States. It is a city of extremes. Another extreme is their laid back tolerance of divergent views.

            Trusting that your trip did/will work out well for you.

      2. I can report a very good vegetarian meal at Old Dog New Trick Cafe on Frenchmen Street. Unfortunately though the food is good it is not on the same page with the cajun/creole stuff that makes people swoon.

        If you do not eat seafood you are going to have trouble finding any purely veg regional specialties. They put raw oysters in the coffee down there, and latte is made with crab stock.

        Make sure to eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde or a handful of other places (I recently read that they are better than Cafe du Monde's at a place called Morning Call, though I haven't tried them).

        You might find a place that serves good fried green tomatoes or mirliton, but make sure to ask the waitress if they are going to plonk a shrimp or something else on top. If you are a real stickler, ask them if they use the same oil for the meat and meatless items.

        Good luck! They generally have a lusty attitude towards dining down there, and if you look hard, and call ahead, you might find some vegetarian jewels in the meaty firmament. (I recommend calling Jaques-Imos and asking if they have vegetarian items on the menu that day.)

        1. Two suggestions: Mona's on Frenchman Street is a Mideastern restaurant that has many veggie options. Also, the Whole Foods just off Esplanade, in back of the Fair Grounds racetrack, has a big selection of veggie stuff and an excellent deli. It's all takeout, though.

          1. i
            Isabella Maja

            I am a New Orleans native & can assure you, if you plan ahead & go to a good quality restaurant, you can make your dietary requests, whatever they are, and most likely have them fufilled.

            N.O. chefs are pretty good at fulfilling desires!

            Try Jacques Imo's and Nautical in the Carrollton area (take the street car). The owner of Nautical's wife is vegetarian, so they are quite capable of turning out a fine vegetarian meal!

            Another option in enjoying yourself is to get creative with the menu & order several appetizers as your meal.


            1. Hi there,

              I am a vegetarian, and I love New Orleans. I've had great success with many restaurants, but my faves are:

              - Gumbo Shop (daily veg. special and gumbo z'herbes!)
              - Court of Two Sisters
              - Old Dog New Trick
              - Angeli's

              Don't let the nay sayers get you down - there is plenty to eat, and you'll have a great time.