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Dec 22, 2001 05:52 PM

takeout atBayona? other questions too

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Does Bayona offer takeout, or did I hear somewhere on the lsit that there was an outpost of Bayona that was all takeout? Having read about that duck sandwich, and given that I won't have lots of time for sit-down lunches while I'm in town, I thought to try to carry one out...

One of my concerns about my upcoming trip is that since I'll be attending a conference, I won't have the requisite time for standing in line at desirable places waiting for a table, and won't be able to know much in advance when I'll be trouping off in search of food and with how many people in tow. Plus I'll be staying in the Quarter and it'll be necessary to eat nearby often. Any further advice on negotiating these limitations would be lovely. I appreciate so much all the advice you hounds have already offered.

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  1. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, keep Restaurant Mandich in mind - it's been run by the same family in the ninth ward at 3200 St. Claude Ave. for 54 years (Rampart St. turns into St. Claude as you head downriver - away from the CBD). I wouldn't walk from the quarter, but it's a short cab ride. Not the greatest neighborhood, but far from the worst. Cab it & you'll be OK.

    It's run by a husband & wife team - Lloyd runs the bar & the front of the house. His wife Joel is the chef. It's not a super fancy (or expensive) place, but you get a VERY big bang for your buck.

    I highly recommend the oysters bordelaise appetizer, followed up by the signature dish of the house - Trout Mandich - a broiled fillet of trout in a lemon butter sauce. The deluxe version comes with hollandaise sauce & lump crabmeat. Go for the deluxe - you won't regret it. It is absolutely outstanding. Everyone I have ever brought there has raved about the Trout Mandich.

    Lunch Tue - Fri, Dinner Fri & Sat. Give a call over there at (504) 947-9553 when you know the size of your party & when you want to eat. You'll probably talk to Lloyd - he'll take care of you....

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      Shelly Wallace

      It's not the waiting for a table (at lunch anyway) that will get you at Bayona, it's a slow food place. If you go at 1pm, they seem to have plenty of tables available (and they don't close until 2:30 so you'd have time).

      If you can manage it, send someone to Parasol to get roast beef po boys, that would be the best takeout. And surprisingly less messy than Bayona was (my poor shirt).

      And remember, most places really are cash only, and New Orleans ain't cheap.

      1. I got 2 duck sandwiches to go from Bayona, however, they don't do take-out. Here's what happened:

        I went to the restaurant, asked them if they did take-out, and they said no. However, I had the time to have lunch, it was my stuck-in-a-conference mom, who I wanted to experience the sandwich. So I askem them if I could dine in the restaurant, and then bring a sandwich for my mom. They said no problem. :)

        However, I sat down, got a drink and an app, and something like 20-30 minutes slipped away by then, my own sandwich hadn't come out yet, and we had a tour to catch! I explained to my waiter, who graciously had the kitchen wrap up both sandwiches.

        So, I guess you can have take-out, though they're not eager to do it... but, lunch wasn't crowded at all, and maybe you can sit down and explain that you're in a terrible rush to eat... plus, it's so convenient, being right in the quarter.