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Dec 19, 2001 01:34 PM

Where to eat with infant in tow?

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My wife and I are traveling for the first time with our infant son to New Orleans. Like any chowhound, we are hoping to eat incredibly well for reasonable prices, but now we have to take into consideration our little one's needs (e.g. little or no smoke) as well as those of our fellow diners. (He's a good little boy, but anyone who tells you their child never cries is the parent of a deceased baby.) We're looking for any suggestions, but especially for seafood, the highly-spiced, and regional (cajun/creole) cuisine.

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    michael (mea culpa)

    Surely, no one would complain (if they could be heard) about a crying child at either Acme Oyster House or Felix's.

    1. Tujague's and Deanies were recommended to me as possibilities. Any feedback on these restaurants?

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        Deanies is far better if you have a child with you. Tujague's is more formal than Deanies and has a set menu, so the selection is limited. Deanies is a big, loud fried seafood joint in Bucktown that attracts lots of families. I think it would be ideal.