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Dec 9, 2001 06:21 PM

Where to go at night with kid in tow

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My daughter and I will be in NO Jan 2 thru Jan 5. I use to live on the coast of MS. and I'm use to day trips to NO, but it has been a long time since actually stayed overnight. I know how to fill up the day and where to go to lunch in the quarter, etc. Nighttime has me stumped. Preferably nice, but casual dining, away from the quarter. Also, neat tips on family nighttime entertainment would help.

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  1. I just returned from N.O. and I would like to suggest you try Jaeger's Seafood Beer Garden.

    There were more than a few familes with little kids there. And the menu seems to be accomadating to them as well.

    And the food was awesome, cheap, and plenty of it!

    I included a link that might help. Please don't let the "beer garden" thing scare you. If you like the atmosphere of a "Fuddruckers", but better food, you will enjoy this place. It is on Lake Pontchartrain, so it isn't "just outside the quarter"

    Link: http://neworleans.citysearch.com/prof...

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      Thanks for the advice, I guess I was misleading, my daughter is a tall 12 year old, who likes good food not the kid's menu. But I do want to stay away from the rowdy areas. Thanks for the tip.

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        Hi Nancy,
        I grew up in NOLA and still frequent with my children. I still love Camellia Grill, R&R, any of the seafood restaurants on the lake. Frankie and
        Johnny's (uptown), Andrea's in Metairie. The good
        thing about NOLA is that they like children. I am in
        Houston now and the attitude is totally different here.
        The above are all places my husband and I have taken our 3 and 6 year old. Have fun!!