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Nov 29, 2001 05:11 PM

Liuzza's Report

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Had lunch at Liuzza's today (the one on Bienville, not Liuzza's by the Track). Overall, I'd give this a thumbs up. I had crab & corn chowder - crabmeat and corn in a creamy/oniony base reminiscent of New England Clam Chowder. Splendid! Also had a roast beef po-boy. The roast beef had the taste & texture of being freshly roasted on the premises: not the pre-packaged cold-cut brand that so many places use. My co-worker had the shrimp po-boy. That didn't appear to be anything special. Probably best to go to the places that specialize in seafood po-boys. The specials sounded good also: meatloaf with mac & cheese & collard greens, and crawfish black eyed peas with rice.

There are two other things that will have me going back. I noticed a waitress serving a portion of spaghetti & meatballs with 2 baseball(!) sized meatballs and the entire menu is 20% off between 4:30 & 6:30 pm. - an inexpensive mid-week dinner.

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  1. If you want great roast beef po-boys, try Parasol's at the corner of Third & Constance in the Irish Channel - outstanding every time. The gravy fries are also excellent.

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      Is PArasol's still worth a damn? Since it was sold a few years back I've had conflicting reports. I ate there about two years ago and was unimpressed ( the huge Coke cooler--gaudy lights and such-- behind the bar told me that the new owners had sold their souls for advertising). the po-boy was not bad but was short on goodies. Cost-cutting at work. Now, this was a few years back so I am willing to be lured back. For the moment, though, I stil go to Dom's or Bright Star or Ye Olde College Inn (which still has a REAL oyster loaf).

      Liuzza (by the hospital) still has excellent stuffed artichokes and almost any sandwich tastes good at that little bar. One of the four or five best men's restrooms in the city, too!

      1. re: Hazelhurst

        Ate at Parasol last weekend & the Roast Beef is still top notch. They did change the menu somewhat a couple of months back (not sure if there is yet ANOTHER new owner or not) - now there is only one size po-boy there. Re: Changes to the bar - at least they have Sierra Nevada products now...

        The menu change at Parasol is not too bad I guess - they basically eliminated the large po-boys. The large one was all I could handle, and I am a big eater - they probably didn't sell too many of the big ones. I usually go roast beef with a side of gravy fries & that is _plenty_ of food.

        Re: Dom's - love their shrimp po-boy but I have found quality varying of late - got some real hard, stale bread last time (inexcusable gaffe from a hard core place like Dom's). I will return though - classic place.

        Re: Oyster loaf - one word: Casamento's!

        1. re: BB

          Agree on Casamento's. I also like the Brisket po'boy at Tujague's, now that is a lot of food for a very moderate price (you got to have it at the bar).