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Nov 29, 2001 04:58 PM

new orleans dinner

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Due to time constraints, I must choose between dinner at Peristyle or Bayona. Which one would you choose and why? I've been to many other great restaurants in NOLA, but never made it to either of these. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Admittedly I have personal resons for prefering Susan Spicer--not that she knows who I am--but I'd still recommend Bayona. Peristyle is merely OK in a citry of restaurants that, in my view, surpass it. But this is a matter of taste. I tend to like more honest, direct places. Bayona dresses things up, as demanded by today's Food TV crowd, but the "approach" (as we have learned to say) is clean. A friend went to Peristlye recentlly and, though he and his wife had a decent meal, he said he'd not go out of his way to go back. He leveled a bet that it will be out of business in five years.[Might not be objective though, since he owns a restaurant himself.]

    1. Hi Carol
      I have to agree with Hazelhurst in her opinion of Bayona. Atmosphere is cozy, entire staff is very accomodating. Food is always first class. Try the sweetbreads; everybody raves about them. Signature garlic soup is very garlicly (warning). If you get a chance to talk to Susan Spicer, be sure to compliment her on the decor and ask her how she found the place. I think it's her favorite subject. Hope this reaches you before your trip.

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        Hazelhurst hastens to add--for accuracy--that "she" is a heterosexual male.

        Perhaps I should pay more attention to my writing style?


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          My deepest appologies. After being married for 40 years, I guess my intuition isn't as finely honed as it once was!!

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        Gerald McGowin

        You don't give us much information to help make the decision for you. But, truly, you can't go wrong with either choice. On the other hand, if you are from out of town, neither of these would be among the first 10 restaurants I would recommend to you.

        Bayona is in my opinion the better restaurant but highly eclectic and uneven. There is a better chance that you won't like it. I would favor Peristyle but that is quite subjective.

        Better yet, go to Upperline.