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Nov 10, 2001 05:02 PM

one night in New Orleans--dinner suggestions?

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My two co-workers and I will be in New Orleans from Connecticut for just one night this week, and are looking for a place to have dinner. Our constraints/desires: needs to be reachable by cab from downtown, should be on the high end of moderate priced (we're expense accounting the meal, but our organization is a non-profit, so we can't spend a fortune, if that makes sense), obviously can't be somewhere we needed to reserve a month ago, and shouldn't be touristy (we're all NYC expats and have antitourist attitude). Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    michael (mea culpa)

    There are recent threads discussing great places in detail. Either go to Commander's Palace, or be realistic, decide that you are a tourist so why not be with others and go to some place touristy but good--Bayona, Brennans, Ruth's Chris?

    1. Jacques'Imo's. This is where we take all out of town visitors for the real New Orleans experience. Great creative New Orleans food; filled with locals; moderately priced; casual (jeans okay). It's uptown on Oak Street just a couple of blocks off the streetcar line. They don't take reservations unless you have six or more, so you WILL wait -- but it's worth it and you can chat with locals in the bar while waiting. Here's a link for a review:


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        Thanks so much--sounds fabulous & just like what we're looking for.

      2. Here's another vote for Jacque-Imo's. The wait, however, can be extreme depending on the night. The mussel app. is wonderful, as well as the alligator sausage and shrimp cheescake.

        My other vote would be Dick & Jenny's. I have found the wait to be not as long (no reservations as well), with the food being somewhat more refined and a bit pricier.

        Either way, you can't miss.

        1. when i am in nola i always go to a local place called
          Feelings Cafe at 2600 Chartres past Elysian Fields.
          definitely not touristy. ask for a table on the 2nd floor overlooking the courtyard.
          a must have is the BBQ shrimp for the spice in your