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Nov 3, 2001 12:06 PM

Monteleone advice needed badly

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I have been soaking up the great food advice here in prep for a trip to NO in late December (27 to 30th). I'll be there for a convention, and one of the hotels offering special rates to us for this convention was the Monteleone. After perusing their website and seeing very high ratings for them in Frommer's and Fodor's guidebooks, I made a reservation there. For 3 people it will be 127 per night total. My problem is this: 2 or 3 messages on Chowhound from this past summer called the Monteleone "dingy" and not so clean-seeming. Can anyone please give me some extra info about the Monteleone? If there's hope of finding a comparable rate at a better place, I'd sure love to know!


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  1. Have you tried Expedia?--they have up to date travelers' reviews of the hotels they list. You should get a good review on that or another of the travel sites on the web if the hounds can't come up with anything recent.

    I've been at the Monteleone, but probably 15 years ago.and it was fin.. but I was at a confernece and not paying my own way... Great location and the rooms on the river side had wonderful views of the Mississippi--and I recall the king beds were HUGE. At that time it wasn't totally top of the line, a little aged, made up for it with proximity to French Quarter. Let us know what you find out. (BTW I did "borrow" one of their really cool, retro ash trays which now lives on at a family member's (smoker) home.)

    1. I just got back from NO after booking a room thru We just stayed at the Travelodge Baronne Plaza (did that just become a Travelodge?) and it was fine. Across Canal St. from the french quarter and wicked cheap, averaged $75/nite. There's nothing great about this place but the price was right, the rooms were clean and you're a little removed from the craziness.

      1. They re-did the place about 5 years ago, but I hear some of the rooms are still hit and miss. Great location, nice lobby. Overall, it's a decent hotel, but definitely not top, top end. Depending on when you are going you can sometimes get incredible rates at some of the top places (my friend snagged a room at thr new Ritz for $125.night in a few weeks).
        Try or expedia/travelocity.

        1. don't worry it'll be sister stayed there 2 yrs ago, we were staying at the other end of royal, and the room was good. clean, not huge, not super luxury..but is in the quarter, smack dab. nice lobby and good location, besides i doubt you'll be spending more thn 6-8 hrs a day there....soak in the city (one of the wonders of this world) and crash. just think, only 5 mos. til jazzfest!!! ooooweeeeeee!!!

          1. The Monteleone is simply an old hotel. It is not sparkling but it is comfortable. Has some lovely exxentricities (such as split floor levels--some elevators stop on, say, 11 and you have a choice of going down some steps to one hallway or up some steps to another. So, it is "quirky." So too, with the Roosevelt Hotel (which is presently spelled "F-A-I-R-M-O-N-T" but true Orleanians pronounce it as "Roosevelt") This is also an old hotel--more fun than new one in my view--and it has teh Sazerac Bar with its lovely mural and its killer Sazeracs, made with Wild Turkey. If you stay there you can crawl to the elevator from the bar. the Montelone's advantage is that is it in the Quarter and about two hundred steps from Galatoire's.