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Oct 29, 2001 05:11 PM

Eleven 79

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Last Saturday I had dinner at Eleven 79 (which is located at 1179 Annunciation St., duh!)and was really impressed. It's a cozy Italian bistro style place - reminds me a lot of many places in New York. I haven't seen it mentioned on this board before and was wondering if anyone else knew anything about it. Like who is the chef and where did he come from, any recommendations on dishes, etc. It's been open for over a year, but I had never heard of it till now. I had red and yellow roasted pepper shrimp bisque and the best soft shell crab I have ever tasted (loaded with extra lump crabmeat). The pasta dishes looked good and I was served a side order of risotto Milanese upon request. It was excellent, although the presence of English peas was detrimental, to my tastes anyway. The recommended Amarone wine was superb! Very friendly and helpful wait staff is another plus. Any further info would be appreciated. You can bet I'll be going back again!

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  1. The owner is Joseph Segreto, the chef Anthony DiPiazza. They've both particpated in the NO restaurant scene for years. I also enjoyed it, although there are transactions happening in that restaurant I don't think most of us will ever be a part of.

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      resturant transactions?

      like what kind of transactions? my curiosity is peaked....

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        transactions similar to The Soprano's on HBO