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Oct 27, 2001 10:54 PM

Choices? Suggestions?

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We are stayind at Maison Dupuy next week and have dinner reservations at Dominique's and Commander's Palace. Also we plan to try Red Fish Grill for dinner and Remoulade for lunch. We are smokers and we appreciate being seated in a "nice" part of the restaurant. We were in N.O. in July and were seated in the Garden Room at Commander's, which was absolutely lovely.

We'd appreciate any opinions on Dominique's, C.P., and any other dinner suggestions.

Also, we'd like opinions on Maison Dupuy.

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  1. I had a wonderful tasting menu at Dominique not too long ago. Commander's is still top notch. I would think twice about the Red Fish Grill though. I haven't heard a single local think much of the place. As for smoker-friendly places, Galatoire's is the only place that I light up, usually after a long meal when most of the other diners have stopped eating.

    As for the Maison Dupuy, its a little off the beaten path, but relatively convenient. I've never been in the rooms. I think its near a few good breakfast and dinner spots. For breakfast, I like Coissant D'Or (light) and The Quarter Scene (best corn beef hash and seafood omletes). Peristyle is also close, though much more high end food than Red Fish.