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Oct 24, 2001 08:41 AM

dumb question

  • j

What does CDB stand for when referring to a section of town? Thanks.

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  1. Actually it's CBD. Stands for Central Business District. This is the area mainly located between Canal and Poydras, and from the Superdome to the river, where most of the office buildings are located.

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    1. re: Sarah C

      Also, the CDB abuts both the French Quarter and the Warehouse District, so it's a well-located area to stay in.

      1. re: Ira Kaplan

        Yeah, those sections all look pretty convenient to each other.

        Now a Uglesich question. It seems like everyone recommends getting there early, but the hours say 11-4. What about if you try going around 2-3 PM? Do you run into crowds still? Is there some other reason to avoid it at that time? thanks.

        1. re: Joanie

          Crowd-wise, late should be as good as early, but the later you go, the more likely they are to be sold out of certain items.