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Oct 18, 2001 05:45 PM

Sunday Anniversary Dinner - Casual

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I want to take my wife to dinner on a Sunday during our stay (our 12-year anniversary), and see that a lot of restaurants are not open on Sunday. We would like to go to a casual place that's moderately priced, preferably where locals eat where we can get a taste of Cajun/Creole cuisine. We are certainly willing to go out of the Quarter within reasonable cabbing distance or somewhere accessible by streetcar. We have other meals planned for the remainder of the trip based on Chowhound tips we've read (including a dinner with a large party at Galatoire's on Halloween that we had no control over).

We'd like to check out some music during our stay too. We're 40-ish but seem 30-ish and want to check out the music scene. We like to hang at places the locals hang,not the trendy tourist traps, and love all kinds of music, but would love to see some local Cajun/Zydeco bands while in town.

We also love to plant ourselves at a nice, comfortable bar and drink the afternoon away, which I understand is not difficult in NO.

What's the weather doing there this time of year?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Zoot Horn/Portland, Oregon

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  1. my wife and I (50, but feel 40) go to N'Awlins often (Saints season ticket holders), and do the same kind of eating planning. We recommend Mulate's on a Saturday night...great zydeco/cajun music & dancing..a little touristy, but lots of locals can tell them, 'cause they know how to dance. definitely NOT the anniversary meal, but fun to watch, listen, and attempt to dance. Also recommend the bar (and eating) at Palm Court Jazz Club in the Quarter. Good food, but drinking and music is great there. Seeya

    1. For a local flair, take a cab to Oak Street and eat at Jacques-Imo's. They open at 5:30, and if you don't get there early, you will have a wait. They do not take reservations unless you have a party of 5 or more. The food is genuine New Orleans, spicy, flavorful. Then after dinner, down the street is the Maple Leaf Bar. Zydacco and Cajun music always fun. Call first to see who is playing.

      After dinner drinks there are two places, The Bombay club in the Prince Conti Hotel is fun, and definately a local hangout. The are famous for their martini's, but you can get anything there. Also, the bar at the Red Room is romantic, and quiet. At least you can talk there. It is on St. Charles Ave. You can take the street car.

      The Pelican Club also does a very nice New Orleans type food, on Exchange Alley, in the quarter. I love the food there.

      You can also try the Napoleon House for traditional food, located in French Quarter.

      Stay away from the TOURIST TRAPS...Emerils, NOLA, Commanders, Palace Cafe.

      Mr. B's located in the French Quarter is also another good one.

      Bella Luna...truly the most romantic restaurant in all of New Orleans. Call ahead, tell they its your anniversary, and ask for the special table for two by the window. A very unforgetable experience.

      The other suggestion from another poster about Mulates was good. Even this local liked it ONCE. The music is good, and it amazes me to watch those people dance.

      House of Blues does a gospel/blues brunch on Sundays. I have not been so I can't attest to the food or music. My friends from England liked it, but then again, I would rather taste the food before I recommend something.

      Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville is also in the Quarter, and I have tasted the food, and for a "chain" or a burger place if you will, the food is actually quite good. Sure beats Hard Rock or Planet Hollywood where the food is awful. THey have live bands there every weekend starting in the afternoon sometime.

      There are soooo many choices, it would be hard to go wrong.

      Happy Eating!