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Oct 17, 2001 04:23 PM


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I tried calling for reservations at Bayona for Sat. Nov. 3 and they only had 10:30, 10:00 on Fri. the 2nd. I don't mind a late dinner but that's pushing it. Plus from the sound of things, Fri. should be a big lunch at Uglesich (sp?) and I just can't eat that much food (and that's the only weekday lunch I'll be there for). Do people cancel Bayona so we might get in an hour earlier? I've also been looking at the insideneworleans info and Peristyle gets very high marks. Would you feel equally as satisfied there for your big nite out? Or should I completely rethink this? Thanks.

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  1. If you're looking for a nice ,quiet, romantic evening I would pass on Peristyle.I'm not a local and can only comment on my one visit (and it was the weekend and fairly busy )but I found it very noisy. So much so that I heard more of the conversation at the next table than that of my wife. I heard great reviews and was really looking forward to it but was disappointed. The food and service were more than up to par but the noise level was unacceptable and it put a damper on the entire evening.We got out as soon as we could . I was seated downstairs and I have heard of some upstairs seating so maybe that would solve the problem
    I don't think you mentioned Irene's . They don't take reservations and I would never wait hours in a line for food but if you could fit it in , I wouldn't miss it. I'm sure you'll be pleased with whatever selection you make . Good luck

    1. Larry's right about the proximity of diners @ Peristyle. We haven't been since the fire but my wife loves the place & we'll be there again this Sat nite. Bayona has also been fabulous although there is some argument amoung reviewers about the noise/romance level there also. I think Susan Spicer's superstar has calmed down of late...the only time we have been disappointed has been when she was off doing some TV thing and not in the kitchen, but that was early in the game.

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        Romantic isn't a consideration in my choices. Good food and a fun/happening atmosphere is what we want. Excessive noise is a bit of a drag but I can usually deal with it. Right now I'm going with Bayona at 9:30 on Thurs. and Brigtsen's at 9 on Sat. and will probably go casual the other two nites. Thanks to both of you for the info. (I didn't realize this Larry was the same one who posted on

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        "first-time" caller

        Actually I'll tell you our experience and maybe it'll help (in fact I'm going to post our dining experiences shortly).

        We were in town this past weekend and ate at Uglesich's on Friday. They open at 10:30. I would suggest going right then, the place will be almost empty so you'll have some time to just enjoy it all to yourself before the crowds appear. You can leisurely order several courses because they don't rush you.

        If you do that, a 10 p.m. reservation at Bayona will be fine. We had 9:30 reservations there on Saturday and it didn't seem too late. We just paced ourselves but didn't over-indulge either. In fact, my husband opted for soup and an appetizer which was plenty for him.

        Don't miss Bayona if you don't have to. Our two favorite places ended up being Uglesich's and Bayona.