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Oct 16, 2001 02:30 PM

Since I'm do these sound?

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I've read several NO dining message boards and I'm most impressed with what I'm reading here. Great feedback which is helpful to those of us who are "new" to NO. Everyone appears to be very helpful and sincere.

My husband and I arrive this Thursday and this is our lineup: Uglesich's for lunch and Marisol's for dinner on Friday. Commander's for brunch and Bayona for dinner on Saturday. Good choices? Also, we have a 4:40 flight out on Sunday. Any suggestions for a good midday meal before boarding that plane?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Friday : Definitely Uglesich's - be sure to try the Shrimp Grits & Fried Oysters w/ Blue Cheese appetizers. Shrimp Uggie & Barbecue Oysters are two of my favorite entrees there. Always let Anthony (the owner) order at least one thing for you. I'm not all that familiar with Marisol, but I'm sure others here will comment.

    Saturday : If your heart is set on Commander's, I'd switch it to Sunday & do the Jazz Brunch before you head to the airport. Go to Bayona for lunch Saturday, and have dinner at Brigtsen's or Dick & Jenny's Uptown.

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      I don't think Bayona is open for lunch on Saturday. I do agree that Dick & Jennys would be a good choice, but the wait lately has been long on Saturday night.

      Otherwise, I think the choices are great. Marisol has a great new menu lately. For lunch on Sunday, because I assume the poster will dress casual for the flight, I would probably hit the Napleon House for a courtyard table, the the Acme for some oysters, or Cafe Marigny (BYOB, so bring champagne, which goes great with the menu).

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        but there were none to be had so we had to opt for Saturday. Also, Bayona only does lunch on weekdays (as does Uglesich's) which is why we're doing dinner at Bayona instead. My husband just said to me, "we're going to have so many choices we're not going to know what to do" which I replied, "we'll just have to make another trip!"

        Thanks to you and everyone else for the suggestions.

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          Hi, Deb, and welcome to Chowhound! I'm very glad that you're getting such savvy responses to your questions. Mind if I made two small suggestions about future posts?

          First, we have thousands and thousands of posters, and it's going to be difficult for them to get to know you and your opinions if you continue to use a non-descript nametag like "Deb." Be as creative as you want, but at least be distinct.

          Second, unlike some message boards, we ask posters not to communicate by changing the subject lines. When you post a new topic, please pick a subject line that fits and then stick with it. The reason for this is the most of our posters use HotPosts (explained in detail on the main page), and HotPosts only shows the subject line of the current post. So some people who were following and responding to this thread before might not see it (or your thanks) because to them it doesn't appear connected to the original thread.

          Have a great trip! And when you come back, feel free to check out the local board for your region for tips that you don't have to hop on a plane to enjoy!

          1. re: The Chowhound Team

            Hi Chowhound Team,

            Thank you for the constructive criticism. I do appreciate it. I came upon the realization that I had committed the posting errors when I read the rules "after" I posted my messages. Guess I should have read the rules first, as suggested.

            Although I have noticed that there are quite a few people who go by their first name which is why I thought at first, that it would be fine.

            Thanks again, I'll keep those tips in mind.

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          Bayona may not be open for lunch on Saturday. Susan Spicer has two other smaller, somewhat more casual restaurants that you might consider, both on St. Charles within walking distance of the French Quarter -- Cobalt, brand new, and Herbsaint, about a year old. Cobalt is probably open for lunch on Saturday, since it's in a hotel; not sure about Herbsaint. At Herbsaint, I love the grits cake with shrimp; Cobalt has a similar first course that's polenta with really good sauteed mushrooms.

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          michael (mea culpa)

          They sound great. Second the thoughts on Bayona and Brigtsen's. Would probably go to Felix's over Acme but it's nix nox. There's always Emeril's and his NOLA in the quarter. The Windsor Court has a very nice restaurant, if somewhat formal. And I would without fail go to Snug Harbor for jazz.

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            michael (mea culpa)

            How could I forget Galatoire's? No reservations. You have to dress respectably. Just great seafood, every kind of oyster dish, crawfish etoufee, and to finish off the Cafe Brulot is a show in itself.