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Oct 5, 2001 03:34 PM

Advice needed - late October trip to NO

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We will be in NO 10/25-11/3. We have an anniversary on Sunday, 10/28. We are seafood lovers. We will be a party of 3 adults for most of the trip.

We have a 9-person party looking for a good place for dinner on Halloween or 11/1 or 11/2, and are having a hell of a time finding anyplace that has an opening.

Any suggestions for a celebration (party of 3) on 10/28 - should we do brunch, lunch, or dinner? I note that many places are closed on Sundays. Of those that are open on Sunday, what's good? We don't need anything fancy for this meal. We prefer non-touristy places when we travel.

Any suggestions for 10/31, 11/1 or 11/2? 10/31 is actually a 60-year anniversary for one couple in our party so we were hoping for something that evening - we have several people working on this but so far no luck.

We plan to check out Mandina's, Uglesich's, Mr. B's, Gabrielle, Bayona, Old Dog New Trick (the veg place - we're into good vegetarian food as well as seafood - any other veggie suggestions?) Any other recommendations would be helpful.

We're also looking for suggestions on where to go for music (love blues, jazz, Cajun/Zydeco, alternative) or just hanging and having a few cocktails. We'll be in town for 9 days so we have lots of time. We'll have a car the first two days.

What's the weather usually like in NO late Oct./early Nov.? We'll be staying in the Quarter near the French Marketplace. We have a kitchen where we're staying - any suggestions on where to shop for food & liquor/beer/wine for the room?

Thanks for any help you can give!!!!!

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  1. A good wine store in the quarter is Vieux Carre Wine & Spirits at 422 Rue Chartres - next door to K-Paul's.

    They have a huge selection of wines - haven't been in there for awhile, but if memory serves they tend to be more toward the high end.

    If you're up for a streetcar ride Uptown , check out Martin's Wine Cellar at 3827 Baronne - stop for a drink in the bar at the Columns Hotel on St. Charles first - Martin's is a couple of blocks almost directly behind the hotel. They serve a mean sandwich in their deli, too.


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      I'll second the Vieux Carre Wine recommendation. They were reasonably priced (much better than any hotel) extremely helpul and had a great selection. I was there in July . It's an interesting place t spend a little time because they sell drinks by the shot also.

    2. For food shopping:
      While you have the car, you can go up Canal St. (from the Quarter, turn right so you're going away from the river) about 2 miles up at the intersection of Carrollton is a Robert Market. This is the easiest full size supermarket to get to. There is an A&P at the intersection of Royal St. & St. Peter for food shopping within walking distance, although its small size limits the selection. Also, if you have access to a microwave or stove, Verti Mart on Royal St. has excellent prepared food sold by the pound.
      I defer to the previous posts for wine shopping.

      Music suggestions:

      Snug Harbor on Frenchman St. & Funky Butt on Rampart for Jazz. Rock & Bowl is a must visit for Zydeco or R&B dancing and you can bowl too! (btw there is a pretty good Thai restaurant downstairs that has good vegetarian options). For blues, head to The Maple Leaf Bar on Oak St. especially since you can combine this with dinner at Jacque-Imo's which is a couple of doors down. There are only reservations for groups of 5 or more but if you plan on a late dinner, you'll be out of Jacque-Imo's just as things are starting up at the Maple Leaf.

      I tried to keep this brief but you can e-mail me for greater detail, directions, etc.

      1. Question - are you true vegetarians??? I need to know to answer this question. If you are TRUE vegetarians, don't look for food in New Orleans. Everything is made in sauces using beef, chicken or seafood base. I get the impression your veggies, but if your true veggies, we don't eat seafood or dairy products. Which is another basic ingredient in New Orleans cooking. If your casual veggies, and don't mind what others are eating, there are plenty of seafood places. Just don't worry about what others are having because chances are they will be enjoying the wonderful sauces and spices.
        Good Luck.