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Oct 5, 2001 12:28 PM

Vegetarian restaurants or Restaurants that have veg dishes??

  • j

Hi all! great site!
i will be coming to New Orleans this Saturday and fear i will not be able to eat for 5 days! I am alergic to dairy food and am also a vegetarian... I am staying in the FQ w/ someone that lives there- he has no car!!please help!! Thank You!!!

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  1. c


    You'll be pleased to find your name emblazoned on a large building right in the Quarter - used to be the Jax Brewery. For eats try Old Dog New Trick on Frenchman St. in the Fauboug Marigny (the neighborhood to the east of the Quarter) Also on Frenchman there is a new branch of Mona's which is a Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant. Good hummus, falafel, etc. Both are an easy walk from the Quarter. Cafe Angeli on Decatur in the Quarter also has good Med. style vegetarian options. Additionally, most of the nicer restaurants in the city will accomodate vegetarians when asked.

    Have fun.