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Oct 3, 2001 12:22 PM


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Ok 'Hounds, I have given of my plethora of food advise regarding my stomping grounds (Charleston SC) and now I need some payback. I don't have time to peruse all 3000 posts before my first trip to NO. So.... if you could only eat in three places in NO for lunch and dinner which 3 would they be?

Oh yeah pls respond by e-mail too.


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  1. Hi Tom, Here's the thing: If folks respond to you by email, that leaves the rest of us out of the loop. We don't want to leave anyone out! As we like to say around here, email helps one hound, posting helps the pack! Pat

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      Pat, I agree, which is why I said pls reply by e-mail TOO.
      Anyway thanks to all for the suggestions.


    2. Lunch: Liuzza's by the Track for gumbo, bbq shrimp po-boy and Reuben
      Uglesich's because you can't come ot New Orleans without this experience
      Casamento's for raw oysters
      Dinner: Galatoire's, Peristyle and Dick & Jenny's

      1. I forgot one. Jacques-Imo's for dinner. If you have to choose, go here over Dick & Jenny's.

        1. We always...have lunch at Mandina's on Canal but go either real early or late.

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            Great choices in the previous posts though I would choose Uglesich's over Casamento's for lunch. Greater menu variety and they also get excellent oysters (and definitely a better beer selection).

            Dick & Jenny's and Jacque-Imo's are well outside the Quarter and would require a cab ride. Peristyle is technically still in the Quarter (being on Rampart St.) however the neighborhood at night can be iffy so I would take a cab there also.

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              Casamento is for pure oyster lovers. They are very consistent where as once at Uglesich's I got uneven temperature oysters (one was actually warm...) I totally agree about beer selections and all the other options at Uglesich's, but Casamento is also very close to Tee-Eva's: sweet potato pies....etc.
              (I think Tee-Eva's owner has a "Sainted Arepa Lady" aura...)

              Best if both Casamento and Uglesich can be covered on different food quests.