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Sep 28, 2001 10:06 AM

Visitor needs thoughts on Gerard's, Lilette, Upperline, Cuvee

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I'll be returning (for my annual trip) to New Orleans at the end of October with some friends. We will be staying in the FQ, but would take a taxi to get a worthwhile meal in another area of the city. We would like to do one Big Night Out and are considering the following: Gerard's, Lilette, Upperline, & Cuvee. It's possible that we would 'do lunch' at one or two of the others if we don't hit them for dinner. I just need to know which reservations to make soon.

Any thoughts as to which would offer the best quality meal/atmosphere to properly enjoy one luxurious evening? Which would be better luncheon selections?

Also, where might I locate a menu for Cuvee? There is not much online reference for this place. Is it a newer restaurant?

We'll be staying with the 'cheap eats' for the rest of our trip. From what I've read on this board, there are lots of great places to choose from.

Thanks for any help! (Other restaurant suggestions welcome, too.)

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  1. try this link:

    It should give you the reviews, phone numbers and address you might want. Hope the link works..

    As far as Gerard's goes. I love the place, one of my favorites. Gerard has just ventured with another restaurant across the lake, and splits his time now between the two, so if you want him to be the chef, go on a Saturday night. I don't know the other days he is at the restaurant, you might want to ask, or maybe it really does not matter.I have not been when someone else is doing the cooking, but I am sure it is still wonderful.

    As you may or may not know, he has his own farm, so everything is FRESH! I have had almost everything on the menu, so recommendations: I would choose what ever the special of the day is. Pork, duck, chicken, fish...all wonderful. I especially love his own made pate that comes complimentary with every meal.

    Cuvee: while I found the food very good, the only gripe I had with them is that their wine list is WAY TOO expensive. He also owns another restaurant across the lake, and from what I hear, all the expensive wines he can't sell over there, come to this restaurant. I love his other restaurant, so I can beleive this is probably true. Service is impressive, though, do not sit in the wine room....too crowded with the waiting diners, as it is in the same place as the bar, and too noisy.

    In fact I found the entire restaurant kinda noisy. For a meal you can enjoy quietly, I still recommend Gerard's.

    Lilette: It is too new to be reviewed, so I can't tell you, but from the food groups I belong to, it has gotten a thumbs up. Small, quaint, reservations a must because of the size of the place.

    For cheap eats, if you have a group, (and I only say this because they do not take reservations unless you have a group of 5 or more), do yourself a favor and head to Jacques-Imo's. Great New Orleans food, local flavor. You won't be sorry. On Oak Street, you need to take a cab.

    Lunch in the French Quarter: Napoleon House for New Orleans Food, as well as the best muffalatta in the city. They serve it warm....yummmmmm

    Dinner in French Quarter: try Pelican Club...really good food, walking distance from any FQ hotel.

    After drinks: A must....Bombay Club located in the Prince Conti Hotel. (in FQ) Famous for their martini's, but has an excellent wine list by the glass, as well as anything else you might want.

    There are so many to choose from.....I could go on forever.

    Have a great meal.....Yvette


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      Thanks for the great post! We have decided to make our special dinner out at Gerard's and I have the reservations all set. I have also printed out your post for reference during our visit. We leave on Thursday. It should be a fun filled, chowhound tour of New Orleans. I'm looking forward to it.