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Sep 15, 2001 07:03 PM

New Orleans report

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Well, it was an odd trip. We took the train, and got there Tuesday Sept 11 in the afternoon. If New Orleans could ever be calm and sedate, it was that night. My husband and I had dinner at a nearly empty Peristyle - wonderful food, probably the best meal we had. The rest of the meals were all with the group we came with.

Breakfast at Cafe du Monde late, the frozen coffee was very good! We didn't need any lunch (too bad, I never got my poor boy sandwich) and dinner was the degustation at Emeril's. It was fine, good even, but not ecstacy, and I think maybe for $75 a person it should have been better. Things tasted like they sat a bit before coming out, and stewy, not distinct. No one dish stands out in my mind.

Thursday we had breakfast at the hotel to stay with one of our guests (whose company had offices in the World Trade Center, and was feeling very sad about his co-workers), lunch was a praline and iced coffee, then dinner at Lucky Cheng's.

The food was not terrible, the best things were the Caeser salad (very garlicky, if a bit soggy) and the jambalaya lo mein, crawfish, shrimp, chicken and sausage over linguine. The entertainment, though, was quite good (the waitstaff are all in drag, and they sing and dance for the crowd) and we had fun.

Friday brunch buffet at "The Court of Two Sisters." The space is lovely, a courtyard seating many people, but it is a buffet, with all that implies - too many items and not all of them stellar. The shrimp creole omelet was good (see if you can just get a bowl of the creole :) and the bread pudding was very good too.

We heard good music at "The Funky Butt" and mostly avoided Bourbon street. We'll have to go back some time to really do it chowhound style.

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  1. From your earlier posting you were planning to go to Galatoire's. I gather from this posting that you did not which is fortunate. My favorite place when I visited earlier this year was Bayona. Galatoire's was what I termed "a glorifed cafeteria with white table cloth" - pretentious and not very good. The part that really did it for me was when the waiter took the plate away with the fork and returned a little later with a dirty fork.