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Sep 9, 2001 01:07 AM

Need some help from chowhounds...

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Hello Chowhounds!

Myself and four friends of mine are venturing to NO for the first time. We have heard wonderful things about the food in NO, and we do not want to be disappointed. PLEASE HELP ME. We will be there for one week starting this Friday. I just found out about this site today, and I hope that y'all can help. PLEASE HELP ME. We are by no means rich, so we're looking for reasonably priced places. I thought about asking the people at the place we're staying, but who knows? They might not have any taste for good food. PLEASE HELP ME. PLEASE HELP ME. PLEASE HELP ME.

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  1. Matt--

    Pull yourself together, man!

    You are sitting on a towering mountain of advice, and begging for....well, advice.

    You'll notice from the URL above that this posting is number 2927 for this board. Load this New Orleans index and luxuriate in 2925 ultra-savvy and evocative tips, all of them designed to help you do exactly what you want to do (eat unbelievably well).

    If you have follow-up questions, speak up. If we've somehow failed to address some esoteric hankering, please outline said hankering in great detail.

    But relax. We'll get you through this thing.


    PS--NEVER ask the people at the place you're staying. None of us do that. Ask the hounds. But first read the collected wisdom.

    1. eat where the locals do...

      Drago's - Charbroiled Oysters
      Pascale's Manali - BBQ Shrimp
      Mosca's - Italian
      Mirasol - Mediterranean

      Skip Commander's Palace and anything associated with Emeril.......

      but DO show up at 11:30AM and wait for a table on the ground floor of Gallatoire's - the ONLY restaurant in the Quarter where locals will wait in line.

      To REALLY act like a local, before the maitre 'd asks YOU a question, say (number) for lunch, for TOM. (locals specify a waiter preference!)

      You'll get lots of advice here. I chuckle when i hear tourists ask "can you suggest a good restaurant?" because there are HUNDREDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Enjoy. Overdo. Excess.

      Most places, people eat to live. In N'awlins, we LIVE TO EAT!

      1. Please, please, please do not miss Liuzza's by the Track. It's a small, smoky neighborhood bar near the Jazz Fest grounds on Lopez, I think. They serve THE BEST gumbo, as well as amazing barbecue shrimp and roast beef po-boys. Watch out: There are two Liuzza's, and they aren't related. Although the one on Bienville is great for fried chicken, the other is the place for chowhounds.

        1. I'm going to NO this weekend as well (anniversary). My wife and I LOVE to eat and are looking for a place with great food and atmosphere (doesn't have to be super romantic). We live in Boston and are anxious to sample some of the local flavour (literally). I was considering Bayona, Bella Luna or Emeril's. Any suggestions?